Our favourite headshots of Miss Universe Thailand 2024

20 Jun 2024 | Irina Silva

With the 73rd Miss Universe competition on the horizon, Thailand eagerly awaits the crowning of its representative on July 14. The competition features a lineup of diverse and talented contestants, each vying for the opportunity to showcase Thailand's grace and beauty on the international stage in Mexico this November.

The headshots not only highlight the physical beauty of the contestants but also reflect their individual personalities and aspirations. These images are carefully curated to convey a sense of confidence and grace, essential qualities for any Miss Universe contender.

Let's take a closer look at some of the standout contestants whose headshots have captured attention and admiration:

MUT36 Nongkhai -  Phatji-Supattra Phutthawong

Phatji-Supattra brings elegance and poise from Nongkhai, blending traditional Thai charm with modern sophistication.


Phatji-Supattra Phutthawong


MUT34 Udonthani - Anya-Sarocha Uratchat

Anya-Sarocha represents Udonthani with her striking features and confident aura, embodying the spirit of northeastern Thailand.


Anya-Sarocha Uratchat


MUT22 Phatthalung - Kim-Kimberly Gamble

Kim-Kimberly Gamble from Phatthalung stands out with her radiant smile and a warm, welcoming demeanor.


Kim-Kimberly Gamble


MUT23 Samut Sakhon - Meen-Niratcha Namvatcharasophit

Meen-Niratcha exudes grace and intelligence, representing Samut Sakhon with style and grace.


Meen-Niratcha Namvatcharasophit


MUT19 Ranong - Mimi-Nantinee Phromma

Mimi-Nantinee brings a blend of charm and determination from Ranong, captivating hearts with her magnetic personality.


Mimi-Nantinee Phromma


MUT14 Chonburi - Gwang-Kritsana Hongsung

Gwang-Kritsana showcases Chonburi's beauty with her poised presence and captivating gaze.


Gwang-Kritsana Hongsung


MUT09 Trat - Annalice-Dhaveetan Krykad

Annalice-Dhaveetan from Trat impresses with her unique charm and a distinctive aura of confidence.


Annalice-Dhaveetan Krykad


MUT11 Samut Songkhram - Mai-Maitai Suriyayunyong

Mai-Maitai embodies grace and sophistication from Samut Songkhram, representing her province with elegance.


Mai-Maitai Suriyayunyong


MUT07 Maha Sarakham - Poppy-Boonyisa Chantrarachai

Poppy-Boonyisa's charm and charisma shine brightly, reflecting the spirit of Maha Sarakham with grace.


Poppy-Boonyisa Chantrarachai


MUT05 Chanthaburi - Ploy-Ploypailin Sritula

Ploy-Ploypailin from Chanthaburi captivates with her radiant smile and a vibrant personality.


Ploy-Ploypailin Sritula

(Photographer & Editor : START HOUSE)

With Thailand’s rich history of producing strong contenders in international pageants, the expectations are naturally high for this year’s batch of contestants. The winner of Miss Universe Thailand 2024 will not only represent her country on a global stage but also carry the hopes and dreams of many supporters who eagerly await Thailand’s next ambassador of beauty and grace.

Each contestant brings her unique flair and embodies the essence of Thai beauty and culture. As the competition heats up towards the final crowning on July 14, all eyes are on these remarkable women who have already made a lasting impression with their stunning headshots and promising potential. Thailand awaits its next ambassador to compete for the prestigious title of Miss Universe, where grace, intelligence, and charisma will be on display for the world to see.

Antonia Porsild, crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2023, captivated audiences with her grace, intelligence, and dedication to social causes. Born in Denmark and raised in Thailand, Antonia has embraced her mixed heritage, becoming a symbol of diversity and inclusion. Her journey to the crown was marked by advocacy for environmental sustainability and women's empowerment. As an aspiring actress and model, she aims to use her platform to promote positive change and challenge stereotypes. Antonia Porsild embodies the modern beauty queen, blending global perspectives with local roots, poised to make a significant impact on the world stage as she competes for Miss Universe last year.