Miss Ukraine Universe 2017 unveils its new crown

10 Aug 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Ukraine Universe 2017 finale is all set to take place on 10th August 2017 and the winner will then get a chance to represent Ukraine at Miss Universe 2017 to be held later in this year.

Miss Ukraine Universe 2017 organisation recently presented the layout of their much-awaited crown. The making of the crown was captured in the capital store "Kuz" Ukrainian Gems ".

 Indeed the crown is very beautiful as it is composed of 1353 diamonds and 93 topazes in different sizes and the stones are framed with white gold. Net weight of the product is 450 grams. Topaz in the crown comes from Ukraine - from the Volodarsky deposit, the age of the crystals is about two billion years. This masterpiece of jewellery has been made by the Kiev Jewelry Factory.

The creation of the crown was done by the team of professionals of the Kuza - more than 10 people worked on creating a jewellery miracle, for several months.


Miss Ukraine Universe 2017 unveils its new crown


The presentation of the crown was attended by - 16 candidates of Miss Universe Ukraine 2017, organizing committee head Anna Filimonova, winner of the Miss Ukraine Universe 2016 and Supermodel International 2017 Alena Spodynyuk, leading artist of the Kiev Jewelry Factory, and Jewelry maker Rostislav Kitach.

It is the beauty of Ukrainian women that inspired the jewellers of the Kiev Jewelry Factory to create a new unique crown that will now become the ruling crown. It will become an ornament and the main accessory for future owners of the prestigious title of "Miss Ukraine Universe".