Lola de los Santos Biccò crowned Miss Universe Uruguay 2020

14 Dec 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Mundo Uruguay has crowned Lola de los Santos Biccò as the official representative of Uruguay for Miss Universe 2020 stage. Lola has succeeded Miss Universe Uruguay 2019 Fiona Tenuta Vanerio for the title and is very excited to take over the crown duties as Miss Universe Uruguay 2020.

Hailing from Paysandú, Lola is 22-years-old and stands 170 cm tall and is a Human Resources student along with working as a freelance model. She is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and feels very grateful and blessed for the opportunity she has received as Miss Universe Uruguay 2020.



Lola is not new to the world of beauty pageants, as she has obtained titles such as Miss United Continents Uruguay 2018, World Top Model Uruguay 2017, Miss Sea World Uruguay 2018, and now Miss Universe Uruguay 2020 which leads her to the Miss Universe 2020 stage.  She mentioned, “Having represented our country and Uruguayan women is something that fills me with pride; My goal is to do it again and together with my social work.”

The diva feels very grateful and honored with the title after which she gets to represent her country at Miss Universe 2020 stage and she strongly believes that she will perform her best at the competition. Lola mentions that one must take advantage of the opportunities offered by the present situation that are in front as they are for you and for no one else.



Lola stated, “To change my life on the outside, I had to change myself on the inside. The moment you decide to change, it's amazing how the universe starts helping you attract what you need.” The diva also mentioned that one should not just settle down for the comfort but strive for the challenge as that helps in developing or working on oneself for future. She believes in, “Start climbing, step by step, until you reach the top and achieve your dreams.”

The diva is strong, confident, and determined towards performing her best at the competition and making the people of Uruguay proud. She strongly believes that women shouldn’t compare themselves to any other woman out there but should look up to them to strive for being better. She lastly added, “You have to strive to be better, but for yourself, always with OWN LOVE, accompanied by values ??such as respect and humility.”