H'Hen Nie crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 for Miss Universe 2018

06 Jan 2018 | Srishti Jain

H'Hen Nie (H'hen Niê) from Dak Lak province was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 at the conclusion of the finale night that took place at Crown Center, Diamond Bay in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Nguyen Thi Loan Miss Universe Vietnam 2016 crowned the winner of the night. She will now go on to represent Vietnam in Miss Universe 2018.

H'Hen Niê, the 25-year-old beauty is a professional model. She describes herself as, ’flexible, transformative and colourful in the field of art.’ As a modern woman, H'Hen Niê wishes to establish herself with professional style to become more confident and mature. Standing 172 cm tall, H'Hen Niê is the first ever short-haired girl to win the contest.


H'Hen Nie crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 for Miss Universe 2018


She was also part of our Top Favourites and Best in Evening gown.

Her court included –

1st runner-up – Hoang Thi Thuy 

2nd runner-up – Mau Thi Thanh Thuy 

In the final question and answer round the 3 finalists were asked the question, “If you become Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, what would you do?”

The girls answered beautifully and said –

H Hen Hen - "If I become Miss Universe Vietnam, the first thing I want to do is the project for orphans in Bao Loc, I sincerely sympathize with the abandoned children here. The second thing I want to work for is women rights in Vietnam, and the third is for people struggling with HIV.”

Mau Thi Thanh Thuy - Mau Thi Thanh Thuy mentioned how she is currently involved in a project that provides clothes for the children in North mountain area and even if she doesn’t become the winner, she would continue to be affiliated with the project.

Hoang Thi Thuy - Hoang talked about how education is so important and how she wants to open a school for children is very interested in the issue of education.

Other awards given were –

Talented Beauty: Hoang Hai Thu

Photogenic Face: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nu

Sea Beauty: H'Hen Nie

Friendly Beauty: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh

Beautiful Sports Beauty: Huynh Thi Cam Tien

The Most Favourite Candidate: Hoang Thi Thuy