Miss Universe Vietnam 2020 Nguyễn Trần Khánh Vân to wear ‘Kén Em’ as national costume at Miss Universe 2020

30 Mar 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Episode 2 of Road to Miss Universe 2020 aired with the theme of National Costume for Miss Universe Vietnam 2020 Nguyen Tran Khanh Van where ‘Kén Em’ was announced as the official national costume for Miss Universe 2020. Khoa Lo is the designer for the national costume who was described as creative and enthusiastic with his work.

Initially there were in total eight designers who competing for the national costume of Miss Universe Vietnam 2020; Kén Em’ (Khoa Lo), Lien Vu (Tem Nguyen), Lac Van (Vo Thanh Can), Hoa sen (Truong Tuan Vu), O ma trot (Thai Trung Tin), To Thi (Pham Phuoc Dien), White Clouds (Nguyen Huu Binh), Young Lady of the lily (Tran Nguyen Minh Duc). The national costumes were judged based on aesthetics, creativity, and feasible and performance on stage.



Khoa Lo and Thai Trung Tin were the top two contenders at the end of the competition where Thai Trung Tin stepped back and mentioned that she wants to spend the entire cost of making two works in a single work, ‘Kén Em’.  She also stated that ‘Kén Em’ is suitable for Khanh Van.

In the end, Thai Trung Tin and Khoa Lo agreed to work together to work on the work ‘Kén Em’, which will be the two's signature work, which will be invested and completed in the best way. ‘Kén Em’ is in the process of completing its actual product and will be released soon.

‘Kén Em’, is inspired by the silk weaving, a traditional handicraft in Vietnam for thousands of years. The designer mentioned, “The real fibre dress I have never seen before. I believe I will be one of the first young designers who pioneered the innovation of ao dai using new materials for Vietnamese ao dai.” It was further described as a “baby cocoon which is meticulous study of light, flying materials that will help Khanh Van to walk to create effects combining foreign macrame rope techniques.”  From the journey of growing mulberry trees, raising silkworms, pulling cocoons, spinning silk, weaving, and dyeing. Thereby the national costume expresses the hard work and endurance that each craftsman must overcome to create Vietnamese silk.



The jury that was responsible to select the national costume included, designer Thuy Nguyen, director Long Kan, runner-up Supermodel Vo Hoang Yen, Miss H'Hen Niê were the ones who helped Nguyen Tran Khanh Van to select the national costume.