Miss Universe 2022 – Benefits, cash prize and other perks R’Bonney Gabriel will receive

18 Jan 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe pageant, held annually since 1952, is one of the most loved and watched pageants in the world with an estimated audience of over 500 million viewers in over 190 territories. The pageant is currently owned by the JKN Global Group and held the first edition, under the said ownership, on 14th January 2023 in New Orleans, USA.

Miss Universe 2022 concluded with R’Bonney Gabriel from Texas, USA winning the international crown. With the crown, came a lot more perks and prize money for Miss Universe, which she will now use for humanitarian causes.  



Along with the bejewelled ‘Force for Good’ crown and the title, Gabriel will also have the responsibility to take on a public cause. She will become the ambassador for a year to spread messages about various global issues and will also be awarded with many perks including a whopping annual salary, cash prize and other benefits.

R’Bonney has received around US $250,000 as an annual salary for the responsibilities that come with the Miss Universe win. Apart from the annual salary, the Miss Universe 2022 winner is also awarded with a prize money of approximately US $250,000.



R’Bonney is also the first Miss Universe winner to be presented with the ‘Force for Good’ crown. The US $5.5 million worth crown is encrusted with diamonds and sapphires and has 993 stone settings.

Being Miss Universe, Gabriel will have to travel the world and make appearances, mostly to low-income countries. The expense of these international travels will also be taken care of by the pageant. She has also received the keys to a very lavish apartment in New York. Gabriel will also get access to top fashion brands, make-up artists, and luxury accommodations as she will be allowed to purchase anything from them free of cost. It is, indeed, a luxury to be Miss Universe.