Miss Vietnam 2020 pageant postponed due to Corona spread

13 Mar 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The coronation ceremony of Miss Vietnam 2020 which was supposed to be held in the month of May 2020 has been postpone due to the safety reasons as Covid-19 keeps competition at bay. The organization has recently announced that they will no longer contest the pageant in the month previously mentioned until the situation is under control and it’s safe to conduct a coronation ceremony.

"The country is committing a lot of effort to fighting the epidemic. Though we are prepared, delaying the contest is for the best," said Le Xuan Son, head of the organizing board, adding it is still receiving applications.

Miss Vietnam has emerged as one of the most prestigious national beauty pageants that celebrate Vietnamese women’s beauty, spirit, lifestyle and talent. The pageant will now run from May to August with different rounds to select the winner as well as the first and second runners-up. There will be also awards for Miss Fashion, Miss Sports and Miss Talent.


Miss Vietnam 2020 pageant postpones due to Corona spread


The contest is for women aged 18 to 27 who are at least 1.65m tall and have had no cosmetic surgery are eligible to enter the contest. Participation is limited to unmarried women who have never given birth or parented a child. The winners of the contest are always chosen to be representatives of the country in international beauty pageants.

Recently Miss Supranational 2019 Anntonia Porsild arrived in Vietnam where she along with Mr. Andre Sleigh, Vice President of Miss Supranational to visit and promote the image of Vietnam. The reigning Miss Supranational and Mr. Andre Sleigh Miss Supranational Vice President also carries an important responsibility, which is to announce Leading Media officially became the copyright holder for the contest in 2020.

They were received by Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 Hoàng Th? Thùy who gifted the guests with handmade masks to protect themselves from getting any sorts of infection. The beauty queens across the globe have been doing their bit to raise awareness regarding the pandemic disease that has spread like a wildfire among everyone They are constantly reaching out to people and letting them know about the safety measures that can be taken to stay safe in such crisis time.