Mohima Hussain hopes to be crowned as the first Asian winner at Miss Wales 2023

24 Jan 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

Mohima Hussain, a 22-year-old mental health nurse from Menai Bridge, is competing for the Miss Wales 2023 crown. She hails from Anglesey, who has Bangladeshi parents, and hopes to become the first Asian to be crowned Miss Wales.

Miss Wales 2022 Darcey Corria from Barry became the first woman of color to be crowned Miss Wales. Mohima wishes to follow in the footsteps of the reigning Miss Wales and set another record. Mohima speaks fluent Welsh, English and Bengali.



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Having experienced racism in Wales, Mohima hopes to use her platform to show that different cultures and diverse ethnicities can be celebrated in the communities. "Growing up in an ethnic minority in a small town has taught me a lot about how racism can affect people’s mental health and confidence – which I can relate to, especially when I was a young teenager. But, it has also taught me about how people from different cultures and diverse ethnicities can be celebrated in Wales and strengthen communities”, she quoted.

"In the main, our family has been very welcomed by the people of Anglesey. Sadly isolated incidents of racism and discrimination can stay with you though but I want to move beyond that by celebrating the Wales I know and love so much. I want to carry on the legacy of the current Miss Wales, Darcey Corria, who is a woman of colour and encourage other young women from different cultures to know that they are celebrated and supported by the Miss Wales platform. It’s really important that they too should claim their place on that stage”, she added.



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Her priority is to fundraise for the Miss World charity, Beauty With A Purpose, and to spread the Miss Wales message of confidence in young women. Miss Wales 2023 final will take place in April this year. The last time Wales won Miss World was in 1974 when Helen Morgan from Barry took the crown. Sophie Moulds from Ferndale came close in 2012 when she was placed first runner up.