Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra recalls being asked to get plastic surgery in ‘Unfinished’

09 Feb 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Priyanka Chopra won the title of Miss World 2000 on 30th November 2000 and became the second consecutive winner from India to win the title. She was crowned by her predecessor Miss World 1999 Yuka Mookhey at the end of the event finale.

By keeping her focus firm and clear, the former beauty queen has gone onto become a global icon who is applauded by everyone for her acting, singing, and humanitarian work. She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador who actively works for bringing in positive change in society.

The diva’s memoir, ‘Unfinished’ is about to release in which the diva has shared some of her deep insights including things from professional and personal life. The thing that caught everyone’s attention recently is the fact that the diva penned down an incident that left her stunned as a teenager. She mentioned that soon after winning the crown for India, she started receiving offers from Bollywood and she was exhilarated about them but with success comes minor setbacks that the celebrities must deal with.



In her book, Priyanka recalls that a director-producer from the industry whom she met for a project sized her up and mentioned that she needs to go under the knife to make her look presentable on-screen. She shared that the director-producer had a small talk with her, told her to stand up and twirl and she did as she was asked. The diva further mentioned that the director-producer stared at her long and hard and told her to get her breasts and buttocks enlarged and fix her jaw if she wants to be an actress. The former queen did not forget to mention that the director-producer also mentioned that he knew a doctor in Los Angeles who could do the procedure for her.

Priyanka left the office feeling dumbfound and insignificant as she couldn’t believe that the director-producer could narrow her down by calling her ‘dusky’, and ‘different-looking’. Priyanka’s then-manager agreed to the assessment made by the director-producer and that left the diva even more stunned and she decided to part her ways with her after some time.

Giving her fans a glimpse of her autobiography, Priyanka Chopra posted an audio note on social media where she opened about the initial phase of her professional life. “My career, a career based so much on my physical appearance, seemed to be over before it had even started. I felt as if a doorway to paradise had been opened and then slammed in my face, and it hurt.”



The diva who appeared in ABC’s drama web series; ‘Quantico’ as the female lead and was highly applauded for her skills shared that she encounters such situations and comments as a routine part of the industry and “It’s so normalized that it often doesn’t come up in conversation”. The diva who is an advocate for women empowerment; in her book mentioned a bunch of female producers she admires who have gone onto creating a path for themselves when the industry didn’t let them fit in.

We are that generation that is going to see women in roles of power so that the next generation that comes after us doesn’t have to inherit these issues,” she stated.

On the work front, Priyanka Chopra has two Hollywood movies in her kitty; ‘Text For You’, sharing the frame with Sam Heughan and Celine Dion and ‘Matrix 4’, which features Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Neil Patrick Harris in the lead.