Former Miss World Rolene Strauss discharged from hospital after health scare

13 May 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Former Miss World Rolene Strauss has finally been discharged from the hospital and is recovering at home after falling ill on Sunday. Her husband D'Niel Strauss took to Instagram, letting her fans know that Rolene was rushed to hospital.

He wrote, “I have known her for more than nine years and she has never been ill, so this is very difficult for me to see. Our boys don't understand why mommy isn't coming home and it breaks my heart.”

Rolene also made a catch-up video after she was discharged from hospital after spending two nights to update her fans about her health. She said, “On Sunday afternoon I started feeling really bad, with tremendous amounts of abdominal pain. I tried to do everything at home that I could, but nothing really worked.”



She went on to explain that she was concerned that the pain could have been caused by appendicitis but it was ruled out after the tests. Rolene also said that doctors think that they have found the cause of her pain and she is being treated at home with prescribed medication.

“Life has been hectic the last couple of weeks, actually a couple of months. But if there's one thing I would like you also to consider, is just think about your health and your wellbeing even though you are trying to make a living — even though you are trying just to survive and get to do everything that you want,” Rolene added.

We wish our beauty queen a speedy recovery!