Former Miss World Manushi Chhillar appeals to government to include sanitary pads as essential item

27 Apr 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The entire world is dealing with the outbreak of covid-19 at their own pace and ways. The government across the globe have announced the lockdown until the situation settles down. In the amidst of the lockdown, the celebrities are coming forward to help the people dealing with the coronavirus crises. Everyone is trying to help the ones in need with providing or donating the essentials items for their survival.

Former Miss World Manushi Chhillar had appealed to the Indian government that they should ask all the state governments to include sanitary pads as anessential item along with the ration for the poor. Manushi Chhillar described how poor women are facing difficulties due to the economic crisis caused by the lockdown. At the same time, she said, that we need to pay attention to how pads can be provided free of cost especially to economically weaker women.



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"I'm hugely thankful that sanitary pads have been listed as an essential commodity by the government of India during the Covid-19 crisis. However, we need to focus on how women, especially from the economically handicapped strata, can get pads free of cost. I also urge the governments of various states to kindly look into distributing sanitary pads along with daily rations to the underprivileged," she said.

Manushi backs Project Shakti, a non-profit program, that has joined hands with local women across India and has empowered them to make a living by educating them to make biodegradable sanitary pads. The initiative works towards raising the awareness on menstrual hygiene among women in the local communities of these women.

"The issue is that due to the shortage of funds, particularly among the daily wage earners, most would be looking to spend their money on just food and women's sanitation might not be a top priority for many families. This would increase the health hazard for millions of women in India as sanitary pads come at a certain cost and the financial crisis is definitely going to push women to be at risk," she added.



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Manushi is also associated with many organizations for social work and expresses her opinion on issues related to women and children. Manushi along with former Miss World’s Puerto Rico’s Stephanie Del Valle and Mexico’s Vanessa Ponce, took the initiative to spread awareness to the people about the Coronavirus at the UNICEF.

Manushi has also urged people to fight together. She had released a video saying, ‘To save lives there is an urgent need to isolate and distance ourselves and we all should respect the lockdown which is to stop the virus. We can show neighbors we care by waving, by saying namaste (join hands), by sending a message or calling to check in on a friend or relative to see how they are, to show we care."

The diva was crowned Miss World 2017 on 18th November 2017 at the Sanya City Arena in Sanya, China. She is the sixth Indian woman to win Miss World.