Former Miss World Manushi Chhillar launches social media campaign apropos Nutrition Week

02 Sep 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar has started an initiative across the globe about the positives of eating right and healthy during the National Nutrition Week. She has recently started a social media campaign where she mentioned her journey with nutrition and hopes that listening to her story, people would consider switching to the healthy eating habits.

In the video, she mentioned that she comes from a very health conscious family and her parents have also kept her updated with the information about eating healthy and right. The diva shared that her first-hand experience with nutrition was when she was studying in college and had to eat whatever the mess was providing them with. Manushi realized that she was gaining a lot of weight since the food was not very healthy and that’s when she decided to cook for herself in order to not only loose weight but eating right and healthy.



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The diva added, “Proper nutrition has manifold health benefits and through my social media, I intend to tell as many people as possible about the positives one can unlock by eating right.” She lastly mentioned that she will be sharing her journey with nutrition and much more that she has learnt in her life from her parents and in general about nutrition in coming days as it is a National Nutrition Week.

Manushi is a big fitness and nutrition enthusiast and taking this opportunity to not only share her knowledge but experience as well with her fans and followers is something, she is very grateful for. “There are a few things that I’m deeply passionate about, and health and nutrition is definitely on top of that chart. I will show people how I eat and balance my diet so that I keep cravings at bay, and ensure I give proper breaks to my body between meals. It’s a fun social media awareness campaign and I hope to connect with as many likeminded people as possible and jam with them,” she added.



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The diva was voted as one of the Sexiest Vegetarian Personality by American animal rights organization PETA in 2019 as is a she strong advocate for vegetarianism and has expressed her views on the subject even on global platforms. She had explained, "Being a vegetarian has actually been a way of life for me. My parents were vegetarians and while they gave me the choice, I never felt like I was missing on something. I've always been a vegetarian and have never felt like I needed to change that. I do believe vegetarian food is extremely nutritious and has tremendous health benefits in terms of regulating cholesterol, blood pressure, among others. As an animal lover, my core is at peace with this decision and I'm happier being a vegetarian.”