Semi-Finalists of Beauty with a Purpose challenge announced

13 Nov 2017 | Angelopedia

Top 20 finalists for ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ challenge have been confirmed in Miss World 2017. The winner will be announced on 18th November 2017 during the final night of the competition.

Top 20 candidates are selected on the basis of a video made by them that mainly focus on the humanitarian causes these beauties believe in and how they aspire to fulfil the lives of many less privileged through their contribution.


Semi-Finalists of Beauty with a Purpose challenge announced


Have a look at the Top 20 finalist list –

Esma Voloder from Australia tries to re-instil the notion of true beauty in Australia in her video.

Helina Hewlett from British Virgin Islands talks about the dire effects of Global Warming.

Gabrielle Vilela from Brazil honoured the oldest inhabitants of her country by providing them with basic needs of daily life.

Alanna Matamaru Smith from Cook Islands discussed the conservation of environment and nature.

Stephanie Hill from England has a special project called ‘The Magical World Foundation’, where she helps the disabled through funds and other basic needs.

Nanise Rainima from Fiji associates with the purpose of providing education to children who are deprived of it due to financial reasons.

Aurore Kichenin from France introduced a project regarding “Preserving water & enabling access to it for everybody”

Manushi Chillar from India has a special cause to fulfil, which deals with generating awareness of menstrual hygiene among over 200mn women in India.

Achintya Holte Nilsen from Indonesia talks about the nutritional deficiency in Children that causes various diseases.

Enkhjin Tseveendash from Mongolia addresses the issue of soil pollution and impure water hazards in Mongolia.

Nikita Chandak from Nepal has raised the problem of myths and wrong beliefs, Nepal faces with regard to women menstrual cycle.

Annie Evans from New Zealand talks about the grave issue of suicide statistics in New Zealand.

Laura Victoria Lehmann from Philippines discusses the medical help that premature kids or kids born with health issues fail to get.

Polina Popova from Russia raises awareness about saving Lake Baikal’s plants and animals, most of which are endemics, especially the Baikal seal.

Hanka Závodná from Slovakia talks about her on-going charity projects related to helping underprivileged children and teaching right first aid help.

Adè van Heerden from South Africa has chosen Mental Health as her project in the competition.

Julitha Kabete from Tanzania deals with her cleaning environment campaign by disposing-off the waste in the right manner.

Milkey Phatlada Kulphakthanapat Miss World Thailand discusses a project where she has established an unused Medicine donations campaign for the needy.

Do My Linh from Vietnam talks about her project “Light up the Darkness” where she aims to provide proper electricity in villages.

Chiedza Lorraine Mhosva from Zimbabwe showcases her project “The Elephant Pad” sanitary wear, an effort to fight cervical cancer.