Miss World Fiji 2017 shows true sportsman spirit in Miss World 2017

11 Nov 2017 | Angelopedia

It was a moment of glory and proud for Miss World Fiji  Nanise Rainima and her country men, when in the last leg of the sports challenge, she jumped into the pool upon seeing her fellow Yellow team member Miss World Kenya 2017 Magline Jeruto struggle in the competition.

She did this to assist Miss World Kenya 2017 complete the challenge after seeing her several struggles. The other girls cheered them up during the whole incident. Nanise has not only won hearts of millions after this show of sportsman spirit, but also shown what the Miss World competition stands for – “beauty with a purpose.”

There was an article by Miss World organisation in which they said, “a memorable moment was when Kenya struggled in the water when all of a sudden, and Miss World Fiji jumped into the swimming pool and helped Kenya to complete her swim. Everyone cheered them both on."


Miss World Fiji 2017 shows true sportsman spirit in Miss World 2017


Miss World Fiji director Andhy Blake released a statement after this where he said, “Despite not making the finals of the sport, she won the hearts of the World with her support shown towards Miss Kenya during the swimming competition. I am extremely excited about the finals and I look forward to joining her on Sunday when I fly to China for the final leg of the competition.”

Though not a favourite on anyone’s Top contestant's list, she has now made her place in the hearts of many.  It would be interesting to see what’s in store for this lovely contestant in this year’s Miss World 2017 after this.