Shrinkhala Khatiwada uses her voice to speak against abuse

28 Dec 2018 | Camilla Suarez

With Miss World 2018 announcing Nepal’s delegate Shrinkhala Khatiwada as their new Beauty with a Purpose winner, the gorgeous beauty has not wasted any time in using her platform and voice to raise awareness against one of the most important issues faced globally.

In a series of posts, through art, Shrinkhala wrote stories which talked about rape culture, abuse and everything that surrounds the stigma of a woman facing all these challenges yet not been given a voice to bring forward her issues to be tackled with.

The following captions caught the attention of the people and were highly appreciated by them as Shrinkhala used her social media to throw light on the topics which are mildly buried in most of the countries.



The night passed as I loosened up , drunk on the wine, his eyes, his presence, the night and the light. He carried me, not with the tenderness like before. His hands were stiff like they had the motive to hurt me. He put me in the back seat and questioned “ You said you liked me, right”! There was a command in his voice. An authoritative tone that said he’d hurt me if I said “No”. “Yes” I said, confused with what was happening, and as if that yes was an invitation for him to own me, he unbuttoned my jeans and slid his hands through them. The next thing I remember, we were in his bedroom. My cheeks against cold wall, his hand pushing my head forcefully against it. I could feel my body shaking, like it was rejecting the presence of this man whom I admired so much before. It went shut, totally numb with the pain of him forcing himself inside me. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t even comprehend what was going on. “Say my name! Say my name you dirty skank! I know you want me!” he said. I kept my silence and all at once , he grabbed my hair from behind, pulled it towards him, turned my neck as my bare skin felt his warm breath. He whispered “Say..my…name”. I could feel his lips linger around the nape of my neck as his breath grew stronger with ego, with authority. I remained silent; with fear, with helplessness. “Say my name!!!” he turned me around and slapped me for the crime I never did. When everything was over, he held me all through the night, like a prized trophy, a conquest! That night I encountered a monster. He slept peacefully as I lay awake, staring blankly at the ceiling emotionlessly. Nothing made sense. I didn’t recognize the man that lay beside me. I didn’t recognize myself. But.. He must like me cause he gave me forehead kisses and warm hugs. He must really like me cause he’s holding me right now. He must really like me….. #wedeservebetter #sayyestosayno #consent

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Blue …………………………………… I was 20 when I first met him. Him, 25. I walked up to him. The closer I got, the stronger I felt his presence. “Hello!” he said as he hugged me. I looked up and for the fist time, I saw his eyes. His piercing blue, magical, magical eyes! I gave myself for those blue eyes, for holding hands, for forehead kisses. And when he held me, he held me with every cell in his body. I could feel it. I could feel every atom in him vibrating with both of our energies. As if all of his nerve endings had decided to end in his left palm, all of me felt them talking to me. I turned my head as happiness came pouring down my eyes. “This must be love!” I thought. Every time we bid goodbye, he hugged me tight, placing my head on where his heart should be, kissing my head as if I was the most treasured thing in the world, too tender for the cold hands of the world. One night he looked at me with those enchanting blue eyes and said “ I want to take you far, far away, sit in a blanket under the night sky and see the stars with you. Just you and me, far away from the rest of the world.” I smiled. We drove to a hill top at night, opened a bottle of wine, I gulped every last drop of it as we sat cozily under the stars and the moon light. “I want to see you loosen up, I want you see you drunk” he said. I laughed at his innocence; I was already drunk, ever since I saw those blue eyes. I turned my head and I could see the moonlight hit his perfect face, He looked more gorgeous than ever. “ I like you!” I said. He grinned, said nothing back. Cont'd... #wedeservebetter #sayyestosayno #consent Painting by Doris Duschelbauer

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Red ………………………………… I sold my kiss, when I was 12 years old, to a boy 5 years older, for a red rose. Every day, he drove by his red bike as I waited at the bus stand. One day he stopped, took his helmet off, swayed his curls and smiled at me. The boy in red bike smiled at me. On Valentine’s Day, he gave me a red rose; put me on his bike to a dark, shady room. As we walked in, he passed his glances at the men at the pool table. He kissed me like there was no one in the room, like I was just an object and my lips were the only thing that mattered. I stood there, helplessly, as he grabbed my breasts and sucked the life out of my lips. As he moved back with an evil smile, he wiped his saliva and my blood off his sleeves, watching me with his intoxicated red eyes… My first kiss! He took me by his arms as his friends judged my swollen lips as they smiled back at their friend for his latest conquest. But he must really like me cause he gave me red roses on Valentine’s Day. #wedeservebetter #sayyestosayno #rape #abuse #metoo Painting Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

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There’s no doubt that the gorgeous beauty is not only a beautiful queen but also a speaker of change in the society with her newly earned title and all the responsibilities that come with it.