Best Answers of Miss World 2018 Head to Head Challenge (Groups 16-20)

28 Nov 2018 | Camilla Suarez

The grand finale of Miss World 2018 is to be held on 8th December 2018 in Sanya, China. A total of 120 contestants from all over the world are competing to become the next Miss World 2018. Our reigning queen Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar will crown her successor at the conclusion of the finale.

The contestants are currently going through the Head to Head Challenge where they are in direct competition with the delegates in their respective groups. The first round of this challenge has been completed and only one delegate from each group will proceed to the net round. At the end of this challenge, the winner will get a direct entry in the Top 30 during the finale.

The results of the first round of the Head to Head challenge will be out on 28th November 2018, but before that, Angelopedia presents to you the best answers, in its opinion, given by the delegates of each group who outshone her competitors. Following are the best answers from Group 16 to Group 20 -


GROUP 16 - Colombia, Laos, Bulgaria, Zambia, Portugal, Belgium

Question - What have you learned from your country that you can teach to other countries?


Best Answers of Miss World 2018 Head to Head Challenge (Groups 16-20)


The best answer of this group was given by Miss World Bulgaria 2018 Kalina Miteva who started by saying that she is proud to come from a small country and they can teach a lot to foreigners. She is most proud about the fact that her country has created the Cyrillic script which is used by Russians and other Slavic nations and mostly by the Balkans. Kalina thinks this is the most important thing that they can teach the foreigners. Kalina gave a very compact and apt answer and spoke very confidently which is the reason she stood out of the group.


GROUP 17 - Malta, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Aruba, Northern Ireland

Question -Who is the one historical figure who you think the world can learn from today?


Best Answers of Miss World 2018 Head to Head Challenge (Groups 16-20)


Best answer of this group was given by Miss World Mexico 2018 Vanessa Ponce who said that Nelson Mandela is the one historical figure that the world can still learn from today. She started by saying that everyone knows he fought for equality, for democracy and for education. Vanessa then adds on by saying that there are so many more things one could learn from him, like staying true to your beliefs. She gives an example that he was in prison for 27 years and was even offered a deal which he refused because it was against everything that he believed in. He also got laws approved in prison and educated the prisoners. Vanessa then adds that when he came out of prison, he fought for the rights of minorities, even the white minorities which is why she thinks there’s a lot we can learn from him.


GROUP 18 - Haiti, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Tanzania, Turkey, Croatia

Question - What is the greatest difficulty that you had to overcome in life and how did you achieve it?


Best Answers of Miss World 2018 Head to Head Challenge (Groups 16-20)


The best answer out of all was given my Miss World Tanzania 2018 Queen Elizabeth Makune who said that the absence of a father figure in her life and the life of her mother, sister and brother what very difficult for her. They were in constant fear of what might happen tomorrow. Elizabeth was also worried about her mother who was the pillar of her life. She continues by saying that as a teenager, it almost broke her down and it was through reading, prayers and the power of forgiveness she overcame her difficulty. Elizabeth chose to love and respect her father for who he is and decided to live her life and strive for excellence. What a humble and truthful answer!


GROUP 19 - Poland, El Salvador, Madagascar, Ecuador, Kenya, Argentina

Question - If you were employed as a spokesperson for Sanya tourism, how would you bring more tourists to China?


Best Answers of Miss World 2018 Head to Head Challenge (Groups 16-20)


The best answer in this group was given by Miss World Ecuador 2018 Nicol Ocles as she spoke very calmly and confidently. She said that this is something she has been wanting to talk about as she will be working in the tourism industry in the future. Nicol said that she has seen many tourists in Sanya since she has been there and there are many things that Sanya has to offer as the city is just wonderful. She then says that the city is magical and has filled all of us with energy. Nicol then suggests that to promote tourism, she would use the power of social media and post pictures and videos of the city for the people to see. She adds that the city has so much to offer to the world as it has islands, great weather. The food, people, the culture and the traditions of Sanya are very enchanting. She ends her answer by saying that she would love to work as the tourism ambassador of Sanya as it is one of the most beautiful places that she has seen.


GROUP 20 - Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Honduras, Hong Kong, Uganda

Question - What global problem would you like to solve and how would you solve it?


Best Answers of Miss World 2018 Head to Head Challenge (Groups 16-20)


Best answer of the group was that of Miss World Honduras 2018 Dayana Sabillón who said that she believes that the values and principles that govern man has been forgotten which is why we have to solve this problem and bring it back to practice, to restore peace in the world and out of respect for nature and man. Her short answer said everything that was needed and her confidence and clarity made her the winner of the group.