The Top 5 Beauty with a Purpose projects of Miss World 2018

04 Dec 2018 | Irina Silva

The finale of Miss World 2018 is less than a week away and the Miss World Organization recently finished all of their preliminary competitions, the last ones being the Beauty with a Purpose projects and Miss Multimedia award. After a series of serious consideration and some cut-throat competition, the results are finally out, and it is safe to say that Miss World Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada worked really hard for this and deserved to win.

Miss World Nepal 2018 won both the Miss Multimedia award as well as best Beauty with a Purpose project. The positions of 1st and 2nd runner-up were both tied between two countries. Indonesia and New Zealand took the position of 1st runner-up and Mexico and Vietnam took the position of 2nd runner-up.

The Top 5 delegates who were able to woo the judges though their Beauty with Purpose projects are as follows –


Winner - Miss World Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada


The Top 5 Beauty with a Purpose projects of Miss World 2018


Through her Beauty with a Purpose Video, Shrinkhala took us to The Chepangs, an area untouched by modern development where a huge population is settled in villages. The Kailash rural municipality was the focus of the project which lacked road access, electricity and something as necessary as clean drinking water. Living in extreme poverty, the people of the Kailash village had no health hygiene and suffered from various diseases. A few stats also showed that 86 per cent of child marriages occurred in the village due to lack of education as the literacy rate was as less than 3 per cent. Suffering from malnutrition, the children lived in poor health conditions. The Witchdoctors practice was the major superstition in the village created again due to lack of awareness.

Through her project, Shrinkhala, an architect, primarily decided to set up a health centre with her team where the villagers could go for their regular check up. With donations from all over the world, Shrinkhala made this dream come true by constructing a roadway for the village and the health centre where more than two hundred arrived on an opening day to improve the health conditions.

With her commendable achievement, the win was a deserved one for the diva. 


1st Runner-Up - Miss World New Zealand 2018 Jessica Tyson


The Top 5 Beauty with a Purpose projects of Miss World 2018


Jessica Tyson’s Beauty With a Purpose video began with a few stats about sexual abuse which were - New Zealand has the fifth worst child abuse record out of the 31 OECD countries. Up to one in three girls will be subject to an unwanted sexual experience by 16 years of age and one in seven males may be sexually abused by adulthood.

Being a survivor herself, Jessica talked about her sexual abuse in an emotional video when she was 7. Two years later, at nine she was made to stand in the courtroom but unfortunately could not win the case. However, it helped her to move on from the trauma. Hard to talk about, her charity Brave to show support is available to all, especially to the ones who are scared to voice it out.

Her charity began school visits which helped to encourage students to talk about sexual abuse and also educated them about healthy relationships and how important consent is in any physical relationship. Her foundation also launched self-defence workshops which help women to learn how to prepare themselves to defend in any circumstance. While creating her website, Jessica also collaborated with various organizations to start a petition to the government for a better environment for everyone.


1st Runner-Up - Miss World Indonesia 2018 Alya Nurshabrina


The Top 5 Beauty with a Purpose projects of Miss World 2018


Alya Nurshabrina, through her Beauty with a Purpose project titled ‘Exploring the Hidden Treasures’, presented Cimenyan located in Bandung, a vast fertile area in Indonesia where at the edge is a village with beautiful scenic treasures. However, the problems are beyond what is evident.

According to the stats, 115000 inhabitants with income of 1.5 USD per day work as farm labourers who don’t know how to cultivate the land. Above that, Water scarcity makes the conditions worse for the people who get emotional talking about their struggle in the video. As the beauty visited the village, she was shocked to see the density of the homes, people living in dirtiest surroundings, animal odour, and poor living conditions.

Therefore, she integrated various foundations into one which would help her in three areas of Water, sanitation and agriculture for the economic improvement of the village. The foundation started constructing a piping system to provide water to all areas of the village and also built toilets to discourage them from defecating in the open. She also encouraged people to maintain a clean environment and focus on agriculture. The result was evident as the conditions improved and tourism started pouring in leading to better financial conditions of the villagers. The children were also taught through art and made the indigenous population quite content and happy.


2nd Runner-Up - Miss World Vietnam 2018 Tran Tieu Vy


The Top 5 Beauty with a Purpose projects of Miss World 2018


Being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2018 at the age of 18, Tran Tieu Vy wishes to create positive changes in her country. Through the video, her project ‘The Journey of Water’ depicts how difficult it is to get to the village where more than 200 ethnic people reside in her country. The shortage of clean water for basic activities was the biggest problem that the village was facing. In the dry season, clean water is scarce and the unhealthy water for consumption created a lot of problems for the people.

Animals and humans use the same river water for their daily needs. People have very unhealthy living habits aside from using dirty water for all household purposes due to lack of awareness. With the rains pouring in, the animal dung gets mixed with the mud and creates quite an unhealthy environment for people to live in. On the other side, the rains bring in clean water for storage for people of the village. Tran Tieu Vy, through her project, convinced donors to look into the situation and thus began the work to dig underground and find clean water for the people to use. Her advocacy helped in bringing clean water to the people of the village.


2nd Runner-Up - Miss World Mexico 2018 Vanessa Ponce De Leon


The Top 5 Beauty with a Purpose projects of Miss World 2018


As shown in the video, Vanessa started volunteering to achieve that ‘something more’ along with her accomplishments she was searching for all her life. Even though she did not know what to do with her life, she knew she wanted to make a change. Through her Project– Na Vali, she started working with a non-profit organization which helped a community of indigenous population. As Vanessa arrived, she was shocked to see the condition of children who suffered from starvation, lice, and ear infections hiding in tractors from the sun. The people skipped meals as they worked hard in the fields and struggled for every penny.

The Mexican beauty got really emotional as she saw the villagers getting scared of people trying to help them. In Mexico, 9 million people suffering from poverty, working in a field in vicarious conditions and leaving kids unprotected from diseases. Education is basically impossible and there is no recognition legally of these people as citizens who can’t even demand rights.

Thus, she joined the organization which helped to lower the mortality in infants and children under 8 caused by infections and other problems like anaemia. She also helped to provide education for children and legally assist the families in the protection of their human rights. The basic focus was on Health, nutrition and education which helped to improve the conditions drastically.