Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de Leon appreciates Thailand’s culture on her visit

23 Jan 2019 | Angelique Reyes

The Mexican beauty Vanessa Ponce De Leon, Miss World 2018, has already begun her journey as Miss World and is exploring the world by visiting different countries and cultures. Recently she updated her official Instagram account by uploading some pictures of her in Thailand, where she revealed that this tour is the first of many other tours to such a great country. Moreover, she acknowledged the culture of Thailand stating that this country is truly beautiful, sunny and the island of divine culture with the traits of freedom, gratitude, culinary perfection and respect.


Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de Leon appreciates Thailand’s culture on her visit


Vanessa’s overwhelming happiness and respect for the country had spread on the social media throughout. Even though she has been travelling much to different places and countries, Thailand has left a heart-winning impression on her.

Vanessa took her emotions to her official Instagram account in one of her posts where she wrote, “Thailand taught me a lot.First: respect, every time someone comes into a room Thai people say ‘Sawatdikha’ and bow with their palms together. It may seem as a simple greeting, but felt like so much more, it felt like a recognition ritual, like they recognized each other’s existence and therefore they respected it. Thai people never judged, they accept your existence just as you are.

Second: culinary perfection. All flavours and textures can be together in one dish and it is awesome! Spicy, sour, crunchy, sweet more please.Third: gratitude, the most used word in the Thai language is ‘kap Khun Kha’, which means thank you and they bow again. I never heard one person complain in Thailand, even in stress or anger, they always said thank you, they truly appreciate the time you give listening to them, they value your advise and try to put themselves in your shoes. 



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And last one: freedom. Thailand means, ‘Land of the Thai people’ and ‘Thai’ means free or unconquered. They are the nation that has never been conquered, they build themselves into a great country rich in history, culture and kindness towards each other. 
kap Khun Kha Thailand, I’ll be back soon.”

There’s no doubt that the gorgeous Miss World beauty has not only started her work and reign responsibilities but is also experiencing the world through a different lens.