Miss Exclusive 2019 Meet the Contestants

23 Jan 2019 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Exclusive 2019 aka Miss Earth Belgium 2019 is all set to crown its new queen as the finale will be held on 26th January 2019 where twenty gorgeous beauties will compete for the national crown. The winner of Miss Exclusive 2019 will be crowned as Miss Earth Belgium 2019 and will represent Belgium in Miss Earth 2019.

Here are the twenty gorgeous divas, as presented on the official website, competing for Miss Exclusive 2019 –


Miss Exclusive 2019 Meet the Contestants


Finalist No. 1 Febe

Finalist No. 2 Chloe

Finalist No. 3 Amber

Finalist No. 4 Kristina

Finalist No.5 Caro

Finalist No. 6 Chloe

Finalist No. 7 Yamina

Finalist No. 8 Sanne

Finalist No. 9 Brunette

Finalist No. 10 Daphne


Miss Exclusive 2019 Meet the Contestants


Finalist No. 11 Raphaella

Finalist No. 12 Helena

Finalist No. 13 Presilia

Finalist No. 14 Zomkey

Finalist No. 15 Anais

Finalist No. 16 Zoey

Finalist No. 17 Zoe

Finalist No. 18 Caroline

Finalist No. 19 Lotte

Finalist No. 20 Assiya

Last year, Miss Exclusive 2018 Mayke Aendekerk was crowned the new queen but unfortunately withdrew her participation as Faye Bulcke was crowned the representative to Miss Earth 2018. Belgium is yet to win its first ever Miss Earth crown. Last year, Belgium not only failed to place in the Top finalists but also could not win any preliminary medals as well.

Miss Exclusive took the franchise of Miss Earth Belgium in 2014 and is considered as one of the biggest pageants across Belgium. It was created in 2009 under the directorship of Jeremy Rizzi and Ken Stevens.