Vanessa Ponce returns home to Mexico after her big win

07 Jan 2019 | Irina Silva

Vanessa Ponce de Leon created history when she won the Miss World 2018 crown during the grand finale held on 8th December 2018, by being the first ever Mexican woman to win the coveted title. Her reign has been going on smoothly as she has been very dedicated towards her duties and her advocacy.

Vanessa took to her official social media accounts to announce her arrival to Mexico by writing, “I missed you so much Mexico. Thank you for all the demonstrations of love. This just begins.” This day marks exactly one month since her crowning and she couldn’t be happier.


Vanessa Ponce returns home to Mexico after her big win


It takes a lot of courage to live in a foreign land amongst so many different people and still carry yourself as a crowned queen, but it seem like this is cakewalk for Vanessa. There is no doubt, however, that she missed her hometown and her family during the time period.

The Mexican beauty gave it her all during the finale of Miss World defeating more than a hundred delegates from all over the world. She had some tough competitions, but she gradually managed to outdo all of them and take the crown home. Her delegacy proved to be a strong one, which in the end gave her a fruitful result.



Vanessa also went live on Facebook to record the glorious moment when she got out of the flight and saw hundreds of people from her nation welcoming her back home. She looked gorgeous in the video, wearing the royal crown of Miss World.

Vanessa may have been crowned, but her journey has just begun. She will go through many trials and tribulations but there is no doubt that she will do so with an open mind, a humble heart and sympathetic soul.