Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head challenge (Group 6)

29 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

Miss World 2019 coronation night is coming closer and the stunning divas are making their full efforts to mark their stint in the finale. The finalists of different groups of the Head to Head Challenge, as they are administrating their different projects related to their ‘Beauty with a Purpose’, the divas are confidently moving forward with their best pursuance in the challenge.  They are well firmed and steady as they answer the question given to them with utmost grace and confidence.

The session for Group 6 of Miss World 2019 in head to head challenge was held on 28th November 2019 in London itself where the six divas of the sixth group namely Curacao, Malta, Brazil, Denmark, Northern Island and Ecuador gave some stellar answers to the questions given to them. It showed their best prudency and the level of confidence the divas are carrying.

This year as the beauties looks absolutely amazing in their performances, they are presented by reigning 2018 Miss World Vanessa Ponce de Leon in the Head to Head Challenge provided with their exclusive and in-depth look of their works and activities. Their introduction videos of all the six divas were played first and then the reigning beauty Vanessa, decided to chat with the girls in order to get to know them as well as their ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ projects.


Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head challenge (Group 6)


Sharon Meyer Miss World Curaçao 2019

The diva first talked about the cultures and traditions in which she was brought up and how she values it and respect different cultures also the nationalities. The diva then shared about her BWAP project which is related to animals, dogs in particular. She takes of a lot many dogs and with that, she is involved in TV shows and programs which spreads awareness about them and which helps the people to see around them and lookout for these little ones too. She aims to focus on the younger generation and so does she work with the youth, as she believes that they are the future. The beauty even suggested some tips to how to take care of one’s dog.

Nicole Vella Miss World Malta 2019

Nicole is a gifted one as she is gifted in the arts department. She shared about her interest and the love they all got for music in her family. There is music all around her place as everyone at her home is well involved with music. The diva dances as well and also has a great passion for it. She takes piano and singing lessons. The beauty then talked about her BWAP project which is related to human trafficking. The diva is working with the parliament secretary. She is trying to use awareness about human trafficking. She also created a campaign, which is known as ‘Human Like You’. It is to show that human trafficking is something which happens frequently and it doesn’t just happen with adults but children as well. There are various areas in which there are persecutions, child labor, worker not being paid a lot. Being a psychologist student, she wants to raise awareness on it, because these workers’ mental health also gets affected. She believes that we should all come together in order to raise awareness on such important topics.

Elís Miele Coelho Miss World Brazil 2019

The diva shared about her BWAP project, where she first started with her hair, which she has cut short in order to support those women with cancer. The diva posted it on her media and after that 7 women did the same and then they went to many places where they shared it and supported the women with cancer and also shared their love and compassion with them.

Natasja Kunde Miss World Denmark 2019

Being a Ballet dancer, the diva was first asked by Vanessa about what is the best thing about being a ballet dancer. The diva then answered beautifully as she said, “the best thing about being a ballet dancer is that I can express myself better”.  The diva also teaches ballet to all the ages. The best thing she feels about teaching ballet is that you’re giving something to other people. The beauty, while being interviewed also taught some moves to Vanessa. After that, the diva shared about her BWAP project, where she has collaborated with the organization of cancer affecting children. They want to help the children and also their families. Through this organization, the diva wants to arrange some activities for these families to organize some trips or vacations for them, so that they can spend good time together. So that they cannot feel lonely and be together and be themselves.


Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head challenge (Group 6)


Chelsea Farrell Miss World Ireland 2019

The diva talked about her passion for baking and how she started it at the age of 15 where she baked her first wedding cake. The diva then talked about her BWAP project which is related to what she loves and while she thought of helping young ones and the adults too by baking them cake In order to support them.  

María Auxiliadora Idrovo Quintana Miss World Ecuador 2019

The diva was crowned om 27th April 2019, which she considers as the greatest day of her life. This was like her dream since she was a child. What she thinks about the Miss World is that she believes that it a hope that can change lives. The diva gives English lessons to children and with that she talked about her likes, as she likes to read, dance, exercise which has helped her to improve her discipline. Spending time with her family is the most important thing in her life. The diva then talked about her ambitions in life and how she wants to change lives by going on with her purpose.

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