USA’s incredible performance at Miss World through the decade

22 Nov 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

USA has proven itself to be a powerhouse in the pageantry with dominating major international beauty pageants. At Miss Universe, the country stands tall with maximum number of crowns while at Miss World, USA holds third place with three crowns under its belt.

USA enjoyed a golden era at Miss World when the pageant began in 1952; the country placed every year at Miss World (except 1959 and 1968) until 1974. Marjorie Wallace brought the first Miss World crown home to USA in 1973 but just 104 days later, pageant officials announced she would be the first Miss World to have her title taken from her. The second Miss World crown was won by Gina Tolleson in 1990.


USA’s incredible performance at Miss World through the decade


In 2010, Alexandria Mills was crowned Miss World 2010 as she brought home the third Miss World crown for her country. Until now, USA has won 5 first runners-up positions, 2 second runners-up positions, 4 fourth runners-up positions and 10 Top 7 positions a Miss World.

In the past decade as well, the country began its journey with a bang with winning the Miss World 2010 crown. In 2012, Claudine Book represented USA at Miss World 2012 and placed in the Top 5. The next year, in 2013, Olivia Jordan placed in the Top 20 while Elizabeth Safrit placed as the 2nd Runner-up at Miss World 2014.


Miss World


2015 was hard luck for USA as Victoria Mendoza failed to win a placement at Miss World 2015. Audra Mari represented USA at Miss World 2016 and won Top 11 placement while Clarissa Bowers won Top 40 placement for USA at Miss World 2017. Again, in 2018, Marisa Butler placed in the Top 30 at Miss World 2018 while Emmy Rose Cuvelier placed in the Top 40 at Miss World 2019. There was no pageant held in 2020 due to covid-19. In the last edition of Miss World, Shree Saini represented USA and with her stellar performance, she placed as the 1st Runner-up.

For the 2023 edition, Victoria DiSorbo is preparing to represent USA at Miss World. Where do you think she will place?