Miss World Cambodia 2019 Meet the Contestants

25 Oct 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

The inaugral edition of Miss World Cambodia i.e Miss World Cambodia 2019 is all set to host its coronation night on 31st October 2019 where twenty gorgeous beauties will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Cambodia in Miss World 2019.

This year’s contestants boasts of confident and elegant ladies who also hold prior experience in the pageantry. Quite a few of them have proven their worth with their previous brilliant performances. So without further ado, lets take a look at the twenty ladies competing for Miss World Cambodia 2019 –


Miss World Cambodia 2019 Meet the Contestants


In Leakena

Heang Sreycheng

Korn Sokira

Ret Chantha

Moun Sreyneath

Khoes Vanin

Vuth Thidavin

Eang Sreynuch

Chum Sreyten

Reoun Rothika


Miss World Cambodia 2019 Meet the Contestants

(Photo Credits: Miss World - Cambodia Facebook Official)

Yorn Somphors

Rorn Ounneang

Srey Teayika

Sorn Sokkhim

Vy Sreyvin

Som Kuykheang

Orn Soklin

Ken Thidapich

Siek Chievmey

Leang Kimsreang

Cambodia is making a return to Miss World beauty pageant after a hiatus of thirteen years as the country made a debut in 2006 under Sun Sreymom’s delegation and did not participate after that.

Who is your favourite?