Miss World Canada 2020 Head to Head challenge group winners announced

04 Nov 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss World Canada will host the coronation ceremony for Miss World Canada 2020 soon where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown along with an opportunity to represent Canada at Miss World 2020 stage. The winner will succeed Miss World Canada 2019 Naomi Colford for the title.

The organization conducted head-to-head challenge for the divas group wise and out of every group, six of them were declared as the winner who will move forward for the final round that will be held soon. The winner of the head-to-head challenge will be announced on 7th November 2020 and will fast track to Top 20. Let’s look at the winners:

Group 1 winner: Svetlana Mamaeva

Svetlana’s goal is to make financial education more accessible for women across Canada through her free financial literacy program FinPowered. This beauty with a purpose initiative, FinPowered, provides accessible and informative workshops in the face of a global recession.

Group 2 winner: Hayley Bowdery

Hayley is currently working as a Care Support Assistant in a long-term care home and hopes to specialize in critical nursing and become a nurse practitioner. While in elementary and high school, Hayley was a part of the Social Justice Club and has helped organize many charity fundraisers.

Group 3 winner: Aiona Santana

Aiona believes every talent is created within each person for the purpose of serving others. Having founded her own non-profit organization “The Vision Movement” she combines her passion for art and humanitarian aid by organizing fundraisers, campaigns, and initiatives in support of different causes.



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Group 4 Winner: Mattea Henderson

Mattea has an unwavering sense of self, thanks to a decade of public speaking, philanthropy work and her entrepreneurial nature. She continues exploring unique opportunities for meaningful connections between individuals and her community. She successfully launched a marketing company based on inspiring others to embrace their life's purpose.

Group 5 winner: Erin Chapman

Erin works for the Canadian Paralympic Committee and volunteers in many community programs like: "The You Girl Project and Podcast" and The Ottawa Family Cinema. She wants to show the world that you can achieve anything you desire through hard work, dedication, and passion.

Group 6 winner: Sara Winter

Sara advocates for addiction awareness in Canada as the beauty queen has seen her mother struggles with substance abuse while she was growing up, she has firsthand experience with the something that can affect an individual to their core and wants to make a change. She wants to continue shedding light on this delicate topic and to bring resources for people who need it.