All about Miss World Chile 2022 Ámbar Zenteno for Miss World 2023

27 Jan 2024 | Priya Bhardwaj

Ambar Zenteno, representing Las Condes, was crowned Miss Mundo Chile 2022 (aka Miss World Chile) at the finale of the national pageant that was held on Sunday, 16th October 2022 at Icon Hotel in the Las Condes district, Santiago. Ambar, since her coronation, has been preparing to represent Chile at Miss World 2023.

Ámbar Zenteno is 27 years of age and is a Civil Chemical Engineer. She works in a fintech where her main objective is to promote SMEs in Chile. Ámbar Zenteno is also fluent in English and an excellent orator. Through her reign, Ambar advocated the issue of dysautonomia, a disorder that she suffers from and that she seeks to make visible through her work.



Ámbar Zenteno has also talked about how she lived the beginning of her life with the condition and the way in which it promoted her initiative to help those who suffer from it just like her. "A few years ago I was diagnosed with dysautonomia and I was able to live the ignorance around these health conditions, the difficulties and challenges that people with dysautonomia, their caregivers and family experience”, she expressed.

Her Beauty with Purpose Project was born from the desire to contribute to a more supportive, egalitarian and inclusive society in order to help improve the quality of life of people living with dysautonomia, incorporating the participation of new collaborators or specialists.



"Dysautonomia has no borders, so in case of representing Chile as Miss World, I want to carry this message raising awareness and educating about dysautonomia. Thank you all very much”, Ámbar Zenteno commented. Dysautonomia is a disorder of the regulation of the autonomic nervous system and affects more than 70 million people in the world.

Miss World 2023, the 71st edition of the Miss World, will be held in India in March 2024 where Miss World 2022 Karolina Bielawska of Poland will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.