All about Miss World Czech Republic 2020 Karolína Kopíncová

10 Mar 2021 | Ana Walia

Karolína Kopíncová was crowned Miss World Czech Republic 2020 on 23rd July 2020 at the Aureole premises in Prague and broadcasted on Ocko Tv. Karolina succeeded Miss World Czech Republic 2019 Denisa Spergerova for the title. She is going to represent Czech Republic at Miss World 2020.

Hailing from Vrbno pod Pradedem, the diva is 22-years-old and stands 184 cm tall. She is studying Media Communication and Media in combination with Environmental Studies at Masaryk University. She aspires to be a new presenter in future and is passionate about representing her country at international platform.



Karolina began her modelling career at the age of 17, while she was studying in school and demonstrated wedding dresses and was instantly attracted towards the same field. She aspired to be visible, open new opportunities and make new contacts in order to flourish herself for new experiences in life which made her participate at Miss Czech Republic 2020. She explained that the beauty competition is not just a competition but it’s a school for modern woman as it includes etiquette training or a cooking school, as well as training on Instagram, make-up, walking, photography, dining, public appearances and much more and she wanted to experience all of it.

On asking about how her parents have reacted to her participation, Karolina mentioned, “I think it's a pleasant change for them since I rode my bike every day and came home abraded and bruised. I am very happy to have maximum support from them. It's a motivation for me and it's also a beautiful feeling to always have a place to return.”



The diva has mentioned that she likes to meet new people in new environment and doesn’t like stereotypes. The variety of ideologies have a different impact on one’s own thinking and lifestyle which is something fascinating to her. Talking about something that she would like to use the platform she has for, she mentioned, “I would probably address homosexuality as such, as people perceive homosexual couples. I know a lot of amazing people with a different sexual orientation, I really like them and they are great people. I'm sorry when someone has inappropriate allusions to them, but they don't deserve it at all, and the people who say that are not right at all. “

“The door will be open to those who are brave enough to knock” by Ralph Smart is Karolina’s motto and she aspires to be an inspiration to other girls in the community along with working oneself constantly and develop and create more opportunities for herself.  She mentioned, “If you do something beautiful for the world, your life will be also wonderful. I am grateful for every moment, every new opportunity and experience. I looking forward to introduce you my new projects, which i am working on.”



Karolina is strong, confident, determined, and assured that she has the skills and ability to perform her best on-stage and make the people of Czech Republic proud and happy. She is constantly working and making herself more and more prepared for the competition and is focusing on winning. She is surely one of the favourites for the title and a strong contender too.