Ellie Pacey for Miss World England 2020?

20 Jun 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss England 2020 will be hosting its grand coronation ceremony later this year where gorgeous beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent England in Miss World 2020. Miss England 2019 Bhasha Mukherjee will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

Ellie Pacey is one of the contestants who is vying for the title of Miss England Midlands 2020. She is 19-years-old and hails from Spratton and works as a test technician for the Mercedes F1 team and competes in motor sport. She is passionate about representing England at Miss World 2020 stage.



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In her introduction video, the diva started off by stating the basic information about her and added that she likes to spend her time at the gym and working out but during the outbreak of covid19 in the world and the lockdown across the world, she has been working out at home. Ellie also mentioned that she is learning how to drive a tractor as she is living with her boyfriend and his family at a farm. She is also learning how to take care of farm animals and cultivate in her spare time. Ellie is also helping the front-liners to whom she can reach out with their needs and taking up online classes including of Yoga and dance to help her prepare for the competition.

In a recent interview, she had mentioned that just because she works as a test technician for the Mercedes F1 team and competes in motor sport, she shouldn’t be stereotyped as a tomboy because one doesn’t need to be a tomboy to enjoy activities such as these and with her participation she wants to give out the message to the people especially the young girls. She believes that with her participation if she’s able to change even one mindset; she’ll feel like she had made an impact.

Ellie believes that her story alongside her fundraising for Elle for Elle - a charity that distributes body care items and cosmetics to vulnerable people will help her to be a good role model for younger girls. “I am not the typical sort of girl to be doing this as I’m into motor sport and engineering. Girls don’t think they can do motor sport and still be pretty and wear a nice dress, they think you must be a tomboy. So, with everything I do I think I would be a good role model for girls and Miss England is a good way to voice myself.”



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Ellie feels excited and blessed that she has been chosen to compete at Miss England Midlands 2020 which is semi-finals for Miss World England 2020 on 31st July 2020. The diva will do a full presentation about herself, as well as her fundraising and charity work. She mentioned, “To be able to represent my own county is great and I hope to help inspire other girls to get involved. My main aspiration is to be a role model for everyone, but I do want to win Miss England, so that I can do more fundraising and charity work and to do better for the world.”

Ellie is preparing herself for the competition and working on her body angles, postures, on-stage walk, communication, and interview skills. She is also working on preparing herself mentally and emotionally for the competition as it is necessary for beauty queens to be ready. Even though Miss England 2020 will be Ellie’s first ever beauty pageant but she is confident and focused towards winning the title and representing England at Miss World 2020 stage.