Miss World Guyana 2020 Top 6 Beauty with a Purpose Projects

05 Feb 2020 | Abigail Henry

Miss World Guyana 2020 will host its coronation in the month of May 2020. Stunning beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Guyana in Miss World 2020. Reigning queen Miss World Guyana 2019, Joylyn Anita Conway will crown her successor at the end of the coronation night.

Miss World is not just about beauty which is on the outside but it is more about the cause that brings the divas to the organization.  “Beauty with a Purpose” (BWAP) is not just a term, but an ideology that the winner of the pageant has to abide by and live throughout her reign. Hence, the “Beauty with a Purpose” projects also hold much importance in the Preliminary segments of the pageant. This year as well, the national pageant Miss World Guyana introduced with the BWAP projects of the divas who are well equipped with their advocacies which they are going to present at the national pageant. The divas work hard for their different projects. They are well equipped with them, and are very determined and strong-minded. The beauties used their voices for the issues that is present in the country and brought them up. Here are the Top 6 Beauty With A Purpose Projects by the delegates of Miss World Guyana 2020 which will definitely bring an impact in the country –

Aaliyah Anthony - Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention


Miss World Guyana 2020 Top 6 Beauty with a Purpose Projects


Guyanese beauty Aaliyah is a multifaceted young woman who is intelligent, strong, energetic and determined. Aaliyah believes that everyone should be encouraged to be their authentic self. The BWAP project she is focusing on is based on sexual violence prevention and awareness of it. The project highlights the plight of victims and survivors of sexual violence, namely victim shaming in society and mental health struggles. She wants people to know more about it and also condemns the dismissive attitude which is there towards sexual violence conversation. She also pleads to include LGBTQ community members into the conversation and foster an attitude of strength and speaking up over silence.

Abeena Sabrina Gomes - Shine your light


Miss World Guyana 2020 Top 6 Beauty with a Purpose Projects


Abeena Sabrina Gomes was born on the serene island of Wakenaam, and is often described as the epitome of strength and courage. The diva is 20 years of age and is studying Computer Science student at the University of Guyana. Functioning as a Solutions Manager, she is exposed to the realm of Marketing, Web Design and philanthropy on a daily basis. She is also an active member of her church and is often involved in community projects catering to Youth Development. The diva stands by the philosophy “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” thus her Beauty With A Purpose Project boldly holds the title “Shine Your Light Initiative” which aims to give youths the tools they need to ignite their inner light by focusing on the pillars of personal development; Mind, Body and Spirit. This project was launched in May 2019 on the island of Wakenaam and the young people have shown a keen interest to take advantage of this opportunity thus the program will include monthly interactive and skill building sessions. By facilitating their growth, it is her goal to have the young people she interacts with, form their own Youth Groups and use the tools given to them to impact their communities and the country at large.

Alicia Jordon - “Home is where the heart is” campaign


Miss World Guyana 2020 Top 6 Beauty with a Purpose Projects


Alicia is 23 years of age and is a BSc (Hons) Psychology graduate. Born in London and of Guyanese heritage, this young singer, model and psychology graduate, wishes to exemplify humility and inspire those she encounters. The diva has founded the “Home is where the heart is” campaign which aims to help those affected by unhealthy family relationships. This includes: child abuse, child sexual exploitation and family violence. She wishes to generate awareness of this societal issue, educate those at risk and support victims.

Kimberly Adams - Future Guyana


Miss World Guyana 2020 Top 6 Beauty with a Purpose Projects


Kimberly Adams is 21 years of age and is a marketing strategist in the Blockchain field and an entrepreneur in the VR industry. A passion for design coupled with the drive to promote technological advancements in her region has given her a front row seat to some of the most progressive technologies to date. Kimberly earned her Diploma in Information Technology at the age of 16 from the University of the West Indies, Cavehill Campus, all while completing her CXCs, excelling in the technical subjects such as Electronics, Mathematics, and Physics. She believes that the true meaning of success is how many lives you have empowered with your knowledge and skills. This belief system has fueled her volunteer work and led towards her Beauty with a Purpose initiative which is basically called as Future Guyana. Future Guyana is a community network developed to promote and progress the technology and innovation sector in Guyana. The community is focused on the development of tech entrepreneurs by creating equal and accessible opportunities for all participants in the industry.

Sherzana Munilall – Depression Hurts


Miss World Guyana 2020 Top 6 Beauty with a Purpose Projects


Sherzana is 20 years of age and studied Mental Health at American University of Peace Studies inc. Pursuing Business Management at ATC Guyana. She was raised in the village of Triumph on the East Coast of Demerara. The diva’s beauty with a purpose project is Depression awareness. Mental health is a serious issue in Guyana but it is not highly recognized. My project is about promoting mental health awareness, and she also wants to help to motivate people suffering from depression. My campaign will help to inspire people suffering from depression and other mental health illnesses to fight for - A Better Tomorrow.