Evelyn Njambi Miss World 2016 Top 5 finalist is back to Kenya

21 Dec 2016 | Angelopedia

Ever since the Miss World 2016 pageant has come to a closure, everybody has been talking about the winner, the pageant and the Philippines’ representative Catriona gray. But, very few have been talking about the efforts that were put in by Miss Kenya 2016 Evelyn Niambi.


Evelyn Njambi Miss World 2016 Top 5 finalist is back to Kenya


This Kenyan beauty who competed her way to the Top 5 of Miss World 2016 stands at a towering height of 5’9”. Every time this beauty walks into a room, she owns it.  This 22 year old beauty has worked really hard and gave her all to mark a placement for her country on a major platform like Miss World. Evelyn is back to Kenya and reached on December 20 and was received with a grand welcome by her family at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

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Beauty pageants and modelling happened for her when she joined Maseno University for an interior design degree course. Her love for beauty pageants has always been there as she loved watching pageants and staying up all night to watch them. “I loved dolling myself up and made my family late for church as they waited for me to get my makeup done,” said Evelyn. Evelyn even tried for the Miss Maseno title, but couldn’t win, and failed to even rank among the top finalists. So she gave up modelling and pageantry. But the beauty was surprised whrn her brother called to tell her about Miss World Kenya tryouts.

 “Out of respect for him, I heard him out but I was not enthusiastic as my experience with pageants had left a sour taste in my mouth. I, anyway, told him I would give it a thought and promptly forgot about it,” says Evelyn. It was because of her brother that she entered the pageant and was ultimately crowned as the representative to Miss World 2016. She has always said that she is prepared for the pageant and she has stood by it by her stellar performance at Miss World 2016.

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Now that Evelyn is back to Kenya, she is busy working on her Beauty with a Purpose project. She is now working towards raising awareness and on eradicating female genital mutilation. What do you think of Evelyn’s performance at Miss World 2016?