Sriya Gajurel for Miss World Nepal 2020 crown?

27 Dec 2019 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Nepal is gearing up for the 26th edition of the pageant where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the title and will earn a chance to represent Nepal at the major international beauty pageants for the next year. With wishlist being prepared for the pageant, we have picked out our suitable candidates for the title.

For us, Sriya Gajurel is a suitable candidate to represent Nepal at the Miss World 2020 competition for various reasons. She is 24 years old and is currently living in New York. She is beautiful, confident and dedicated toward winning the title. She can be a tough competition for the other contestants as  her bewitching smile and strong public speaking skill can work in favour for her.



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The diva is not new to pageantry as she has previously participated and won the title of Miss Nepal North America 2019. During the competition, along with five other contestants Sriya was asked, ‘What can the west learn from a third world country that is Nepal?’ for her question and answer round. The diva very confidently answered, ‘One thing the West could learn from Nepal is love and respect.  Living in United States for a decade has made me realise that there are many people who don’t know where Nepal is but the ones who know have only good things to say.’ She concluded her answer by mentioning that in Nepal everyone is welcomed with open hearts and respect and that is something West could learn from Nepal.

Sriya Gajurel Miss Nepal North America 2019 was appointed as the first Youth Health Ambassador by Global Nepal Health Conference. She works closely with organizations that are constantly trying to fight against the stigma of Mental Health. She focuses on the issue of mental illness by bringing parents and youth together to understand Mental Health and build a deeper communication between the families in the community.



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Shriya’s experience in the pageantry world can help her win the title of Miss World Nepal 2020 and represent Nepal at the international level. Her charm, kindness and compassion towards others makes her one of the strongest contenders for the title if she decides to participate.