Filipina Katarina talks about her Beauty with a Purpose Project

28 Nov 2018 | Angelique Reyes

With the finale of Miss World 2018 less than half a month away, the delegates have started working extra hard to make themselves noticeable in the eyes of the judges and the voters. Miss World 2018 Katarina Rodrigues has been very popular among the followers of Miss World 2018.

Recently, Katarina’s Beauty with a Purpose video was released online on the official social media page of the Miss World Philippines Organization, where she is seen visiting Marawi. In the video, she meets and communicates with the students, soldiers, and survivors of the war that began in the year 2017.


Filipina Katarina talks about her Beauty with a Purpose Project


Katarina’s project is named “Project Become,” a project that she started with her friends. The video starts with the quote that she said and believes in, “There will come a time when you believe everything has finished. And that will be the beginning.” She visited Marawi, in the video, and was standing at ground zero, the most affected area where the soldiers were fighting the war and lying down their lives for their nation.

Katarina starts by informing her audience about 23rd May 2017, the day the war in Marawi began when the ISIS came into the area to free the prisoners and offered gun to those who decide to join them and setting those who refuse to do so. On the second day of the war, between 6 to 8 AM, she informs, the looting begins and three of the major bridge crossings were occupied by the ISIS, and houses and churches set on fire.


Filipina Katarina talks about her Beauty with a Purpose Project


On the third day of the war, President Rodrigo Duterte declared Marshal Law and the residents start with evacuation or hide in fear. The video then shifts to the present time, November 2018, and Katarina says that 300,000 people have been displaced, including children. The city of Marawi is now utterly destroyed due to the war.

A hopeful Katarina has been working with the children of Marawi to help them grow and become the peacekeepers of the nation. She talks to them directly and asks what their experience was like, during the siege, and it was saddening that children so young have experienced something so criminal and traumatising in their lives. Katarina has been visiting the affected areas, especially the schools.


Filipina Katarina talks about her Beauty with a Purpose Project


In the video, she visits the students and teachers of Camp Bagong Amai Pakpak Elementary school to show how the chilled have moved on from the war and are trying their best to live moral lives and gaining knowledge. She wants to promote world peace, love and respect for other cultures as she takes pride in the fact that her country in multi-cultural.

Katarina’s project is a very simple, but effective one, as the recovery process of an entire city is very slow-moving. But she is hopeful she will be able o make a difference and help the people of Marawi in the process. Angelopedia wishes Katarina all the very best for her project and hope she spreads her message of world peace one country at a time.