Miss World Philippines 2020 Wishlist: Keylyn Trajano

19 Nov 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss World Philippines will host the finale of Miss World Philippines 2020 in the month of December where the divas from all over the country will compete for the national title and the opportunity to represent the Philippines at Miss World 2020. The organization will also crown the representative of the Philippines to Miss Supranational from this year.

The organization also announced that the participation of the previous title holders will also be allowed if they are eligible (age) and not crowned Miss World Philippines prior to this edition. With a list of potential candidates being prepared for the crown, Keylyn Trajano has caught our attention for the title as she seems like an ideal contender for Miss World Philippines 2020 crown.



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Keylyn is 25-years-old and model, host, and vlogger who is passionate for representing the Philippines at international stage and would be an ideal candidate if she decides to participate in the beauty competition. The diva is not new to the world of pageantry as she was a part of Century Tuna Superbods 2020 where she was placed at the top 8 at the end of the event finale.

The diva is passionate about making fitness accessible to everyone and is a firm believer in breaking bad health habits without breaking the bank. She keeps her fans and followers engaged by posting a lot about fitness and health on her social media which has helped her gained popularity. She is a passionate hard-working woman who puts her soul and mind into something she wants to achieve and we feel like Miss World Philippines 2020 stage would be an idea platform for the diva to showcase the same.

Keylyn is strong, confident, and beautiful human who has an attractive figure and a charming personality that can help her woo the audience and the judges at the beauty competition. She is a great orator and feels comfortable in front of the camera which is also an advantage for the diva if she decides to participate. Other than working out and staying fit, Keylyn has also worked with some renowned brands in the Philippines which has helped her to gain experience and knowledge about beauty pageants.



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The diva is also an advocate for women empowerment as she feels that women should work hard and make efforts in order to achieve their goals. In one of her posts she had mentioned, “Now is the time for us women to not just enjoy this new path but, also to make sure that we solidify and assure that the path is clear for others to see that we are strong and more than empowered. Because women nowadays are not afraid to shatter boundaries and conventional pictures.”

Keylyn is a firm believer of the 3 P’s ‘Perseverance, Process and Preservation’ and promotes the same. She is a determined diva towards her goal and her desire to be a positive and impactful role model in the lives of people would help her at the competition if she decides to participate. She has a charming face and personality which can turn out to be very helpful during the competition if she decides to participate. The diva is a potential candidate for representing the Philippines at international stage because she is experienced on how it feels like to be on-stage, self-assured, and positive about herself and her performance.