Miss World Philippines 2021 candidate Joy Barcoma requests apology over defaming rumours

28 Jul 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss World Philippines organization is all set to host the grand coronation for Miss World Philippines 2021 on 8th August 2021 where forty-five delegates will compete for the national crown and win the opportunity to represent Philippines at Miss World 2021. Miss World Philippines 2019 Michelle Marquez Dee will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

While the contestants prepare for the pageant and are participating in pre-pageant activities and interviews, Joy Barcoma, one of the official candidates for the pageant got emotional during a Zoom interview recently. She cried foul after a fellow candidate pointed fingers at her as the source of rumors that some girls in the pageant were allegedly doing drugs.



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“I was really hurt. The effect on me is different that everyone in your environment is angry with you. I just want to go home. I want a public apology and clear my name. I was bullied and at some point I was ignored. Not really pretty. I didn't do that,” she said.

The diva also took to her social media to express more on the issue as she wrote, “These past days, I was subjected to a false character assassination— my persona was tested, derogated, and defamed. Being in a position where you have gotten no chance to defend yourself took a heavy toll on me. My mental health declined, my chances were put at risk, and my love for pageantry almost died.”

The incident has deeply disturbed her mentally. “It was never an easy path to walk through— being in a room full of people only to talk to none, hearing echoes of laughters outside the walls of your room while you’re all alone, and having to force yourself to sleep in hopes that tomorrow you will no longer be frowned upon,” she shared.



A post shared by Joy Barcoma (@joymayanne)


“Today, I decided to not listen to silence. I decided to speak up. Today, I decided to woman up. To be a defender of others, you must be at the forefront of your battles. To pick up the sword is not the start of the war but the screams of our verities will always be the start of a revolution. Also, what kingdom do I rule if I can’t even fight for my crown— crown of truth, fairness, and justice?” she added.

Joy Barcoma is one of the divas who has caught everyone’s attention for the title as she seems potential and showcases immense dedication and determination towards representing the Philippines at the international competition. The diva is also a keen advocate for Mental Health and strongly believes that she wants to use the platform to reach out to a massive audience to create awareness and end the stigma circling around mental illness in the community.

"I want to take action because I don't want to repeat it to other candidates," she added. With the ongoing issue of candidates in Miss World Philippines 2021, the organization’s general manager, Arnold Mercado said that they will soon issue an official statement.