Anja Radić crowned Miss World Serbia 2022

09 Feb 2022 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Yu company hosted the coronation night for the Miss World Serbia competition at Taj Mahal Sharm a week ago, where twenty delegates from all over the country competed to win the national crown and an opportunity to represent Serbia at Miss World 2022. At the end of the event finale, Anja Radic was crowned as Miss World Serbia 2022. She succeeded Miss World Serbia 2021 Andrijana Savic for the title.

Anja Radic hails from the largest city of Serbia, Belgrade which also serves as its national capital. The 20-year-old is a student at the Faculty of Project and Innovation Management. Her motto for life is, ‘One should not go through life, but grow through life.’



The diva took to her social media to express her gratitude on the win and wrote, “Two conditions for happiness are gratitude and development. I am someone who strives to progress every day. I have my own system of values ??that I am guided by. When I was awarded the flattering title, the first thing I thought was how much it would be a springboard to promote what I believe in.”

“When you work and talk from the heart, it is felt. This is exactly what distinguishes you from anyone who does the same job. As I like to say, only when emotions and intentions are pure and sincere, the results come. new victories!” she further added.

Miss World Serbia 2022 Anja Radic’s court included –

First runner up – Anela Džanovic

Second runner up – Andela Bucalo



The contestants who competed for the coveted crown included Anastasia Rankovic, Iva Jancic, Lea Mudresa, Natasa Pilipovic, Anastasija Javorac, Emina Rajicic, Andea Pešic, Andela Bucalo, Valetina Moravcevic, Ivana (D) Pavlovic, Anastasija Krstic, Anela Džanovic, Milica Jovanovic, Milica Ilic, Venera Stanisavljevic, Katarina Mijatovic, Iva Jelinovic, Ivana (M) Pavlovic, Tijana Madžarevic and Anja Radic.

The newly crowned queen will represent Serbia at the Miss World 2022 pageant next year, since for the 2021 edition of the international pageant, Miss World Serbia 2021 Andrijana Savic will represent the country in March in Puerto Rico.

Congratulations to the newly crowned queens!