Miss World Sri Lanka 2018 registrations open

13 Jun 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss World Sri Lanka 2018 is all set to return now with fresh infusion of blood and beauty.

Sri Lanka debuted at the pageant in the year 1953 and continued competing from year 1957 to 1972 with the then name ‘Ceylon’ but now it is recognized with its official name Sri Lanka. The competition takes place in different cities in the country while its headquarters are located in Colombo i.e. the capital city. 16 October, 2016 was the very first time that Sri Lanka had the opportunity to play host to a reputed pageant. It hosted the Miss Intercontinental Pageant making it a big occasion as it had been twenty years since any major event took place in South Asia.

Just like all Miss World franchise pageants around the world, Miss world Sri Lanka provides aspiring young women with a pedestal to display their talent, beauty,wits and much more, ensuring an holistic take on women of this age. It’s a great platform for young strivers to aim for the stars while growing themselves as a person and at the same time getting to return something to their country.


Miss World Sri Lanka 2018 registrations open


Registration process for this year has now begun and is running fast, catering to millions of applications. Winner will be crowned by reigning Miss World Sri Lanka 2017 Dusheni Silva and will get a chance to represent the country at Miss World 2018 later this year in China, where Miss World Manushi Chhillar will crown her successor.

2017 was the first time that five beauty queens graced the event to witness the crowning of Miss World Sri Lanka 2017, let’s see what’s in the cards this time.

With new contestants comes in new hope for them as well as their country. It is set to begin the grueling procedure of selecting from a range of richly talented and hopeful eyes of thousands of girls who wish to make it big.