All contestants of Most Beautiful Girl In Nnewi 2016 pageant disqualified

10 Jan 2017 | Angelopedia

We have seen a lot of controversies that shook the beauty pageant, but this one is got to be the most shocking one. Have you ever heard a beauty pageant being cancelled, on the day of finals, because none of the contestants were qualified enough to win the title? Yes, that’s right, all the contestants of 2016 Most Beautiful Girl In Nnewi pageant were disqualified and the pageant was called off.

It so happened that the pageant organiser had to cancel the pageant because apparently the contestants could not answer the simple questions put forward to them. In fact, majority of the contestants bluntly answered with “I don’t know” or “no idea”.

Yes, you heard that right. Some of the answers of the pageant were...

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Some of the questions:

“Q: Who is the founder of F.C Ifeanyi Ubah
A: No idea.

Q: Who is the Traditional ruler of Nnewi?
A: Thanks for the question, but no idea.

Q: Who is the president of Nigeria?
A: The President, the president the President of Nigeria is is is ehh ehh Dr. Mohammed Buhari.

Q: Who won Miss Nigeria 1987?
A: No idea

Q: When u look in the mirror what do u see?
A: Courage and confidence

Q: If you become the president of Nigeria, what would you do?
A: budget”

Speaking to the media about the whole embarrassing situation, one of the organisers Princewill Atasie said, “The questions were surprisingly, very easy like ‘What is the name of the Nigerian president?’, ‘who is the traditional ruler of Nnewi?‘ and so on but the girls all had no idea what the answers were. The only girl who even got close enough to getting an answer right said the name of the Nigerian president is Dr. Mohammed Buhari.”

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The brand new car that was meant to be given to the winner was also taken away by the organiser. The guests and personalities in attendance reportedly left embarrassed telling the girls to go back to school! What was also shocking was the contestants’ description of their native attires. When they were asked about the creativity of their costumes, one of them said she is putting on purewater cloth while another said she is putting on cat cloth because cat is her best pet.

The pageant is now been postponed to December 2017, and we totally understand why!!


All contestants of Most Beautiful Girl In Nnewi 2016 pageant disqualified