Post Pageant Analysis of Miss International 2019

13 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

At the conclusion of Miss International 2019 held today i.e. 12th November 2019 in Tokyo Dome City Hall, Bunkyo, Japan, Sireethorn Leearamwat aka Bint Sireethorn of Thailand was crowned the new queen. She succeeds and was crowned by Miss International 2018 Mariem Claret Velazco of Venezuela as Sireethorn bested eighty-two other ladies to take home the coveted crown.

The country has pioneered its win in Miss International beauty pageant with its win this year. Sireethorn performed with excellence and grace at the coronation night making it a historic win for her country. Besides being exceptionally good at modelling, Sireethorn is also a pharmacist by profession.

The lighting and stage setting were excellent as the organization made sure that the performances of the contestants were highlighted as it happens every year during the coronation night. Tetsuya Bessho hosted the finale night with Ayako Kisa, both of who spoke fluent Japanese and English at the finale, also translating them for the convenience of the judges and the audience as well.

The beauty pageant started with the stellar introductory walk of the beauties, with their amazing national costumes on, in which they showcased their best national beauties and demonstrating their culture through not just clothing but also with their mannerisms and performances. The best national costume was then announced and was given to Nguyen Tuong San from Vietnam.  

After the introduction of the judges, the reigning queen of Miss International 2018 Mariem Claret Velazco of Venezuela came up with her heartwarming speech, where she talked about her experiences and also encouraged the competing delegates of Miss International 2019.


Post Pageant Analysis of Miss International 2019


Walk in the evening gown then took place, where the stunning beauties came up walking in their ever-dazzling gowns and showed their best. Best Evening Gown was given to Melissa Jiménez Guevara Miss International Venezuela 2019.

The swimsuit competition then took place, where the dazzling beauties came up in their swimsuits and walked effortlessly in their suits, showcasing their best toned structures and their physiques. Best Swimsuit was given to Evelyn Namatovu Kironde Miss International Uganda 2019.

The guest performance was also held in which the traditional Japanese music was played by the 16 members from the department of the traditional Japanese music at Tokyo university. They kept the performance with the title “Hana no Tera” which means “temple of flowers”.

Before the crowning ceremony, the Top 8 beauties were announced and they went through a round of speeches, where they were asked to use their own words and demonstrate their charm in the speech within just 45 seconds. The gorgeous divas came up with their beautiful speeches which showed their prudency and confidence. The beauties kept their various opinions with utmost fluency and grace.

After that, the special awards were given and the beauties were awarded as the continental queens. When the beauties were being announced, they came up in front walking beautifully in their dazzling gowns and everyone admired them a lot.


Post Pageant Analysis of Miss International 2019


Finally, the crowning ceremony took place, where the divas were announced as they came up with pride and admiration for their titles and as they stood out, dazzling at the grand stage. Sireethorn Leearamwat looked absolutely amazing while being crowned the prevailing queen of Miss International 2019. She expressed her feelings and looked so overwhelmed. Her happiness and also the country’s pride were at the highest peak as it was such a moment. The stage was dazzling with all the winners and the beauties standing their in the best amazement.