Nova Stevens fulfills her New Year’s resolution as her mother reunites with family in Ethiopia

13 Jan 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Canada 2020 Nova Stevens has finally achieved what she set out to do as her mother reunited with her family in Ethiopia. She was stuck in the UN camp for the past 8 years in South Sudan due to the 7-year civil war which began December 15, 2013.

When Nova was asked what her New Year resolution was a few days ago, she replied without any hesitation that she wanted to get her mother out of the UN camp she’s been in South Sudan. She shared a picture of her sister receiving her mother in Ethiopia.

“My family and I have been apart for over 20 years. Since I have first arrived in Canada as a young child, my biggest goal in this life is to reunite with my family. I must admit; This goal seemed impossible at times but still I believed it would one day happen”, she wrote on her social media.



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Yesterday, Nova’s mother arrived to Ethiopia, after 24 days of traveling on foot and by boat. By God’s grace, she made it safe and alive out of the UN Camp. She added, “Words can’t express how happy I am right now. The news of my mother out of the UN camp has taken away any pain I’ve felt. Her being there was one of the biggest obstacles I’ve ever faced. Now that she’s out, my goal is to finally see them after all these years apart. I pray that God grants me this reunion. I also pray that God keeps all of you and your loved ones safe.”



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Last year has been quite precarious as Covid 19 has profoundly changed the world. The world has been dealing with a tremendous amount of pain and loss. On her Instagram, she wrote, “Suddenly things we hold value to were no longer accessible. Our ability to live a “normal” life consisting of being outside, working our jobs and simply being with our friends and family. We are socially distant, for most, more than 6ft apart. At the same time we are in this together. Togetherness was the most valued thing we’ve lost in my opinion. This was the year I missed my dear family the most.”

Nova Stevens is all set to represent Canada at Miss Universe 2020 to be held in the first trimester of 2021. She sure will be a strong contender for the international crown.