Showstars Spain 2017 Top 5 Hot Picks

29 Apr 2017 | Angelopedia

Showstars Spain 2017 is about to reach its conclusion and the finalist are all geared up to give in their best effort to make it big at the finals this year. 18 stunners are competing for the prestigious opportunity to represent Spain at the Miss Earth 2017, Miss International 2017, Miss Supranational 2017 and Miss Intercontinental 2017 pageants. The contestants will be reviewed on the basis of stunning evening gowns, amazing swimsuits and challenging Q&A rounds, and based on their performance they will move forward.

Before the gala coronation hits off, let’s check out our Top 5 favourites for the title this year....


Showstars Spain 2017 Top 5 Hot Picks


Carolina Rordriguez Paz - The first on the list of favourites is Carolina Rordriguez Paz, a high school student in Arts. Her hobbies are dancing and drawing. She maintains the practice to keep her skills elevated. We are waiting to see the magic she will create on the stage.  She believes in the motto – “Life does not make sense, you give it to yourself, what you do, what you feel passionate about, with your illusions. You build the universe to suit you.”

Noemi Sartal Loira – Next in the queue of favourite is this English and French High School student who aspires to become a future judicial police someday, Noemi Sartal Loira. Noemi loves to draw and wants to keep the talent bright always. “Insist, persist, resist and never give up,” is the saying she follows to achieve everything she desires for.


Showstars Spain 2017 Top 5 Hot Picks


Virginia Garcia Gallego – Moving on to our next favourite, we have 24 year old Virinia Garcia Gallego. Virginia aspires to win the title with her talent and the beauty she has inside and out. “When you have a DREAM you have the responsibility with yourself to carry it out ... Because if you are not simply a dreamer,” is what the stunning beauty, Virginia believes in.

Victoria Morcillo – Next in the line of favourites is Victoria Morcillo. This pretty looking lovely beauty is all set to take over the pageant finale with her grace and poise. She is also very talented. Victoria is a teacher and model by profession and knows boxing quite well. We would love to watch her rock the stage in style.

Yuliana Gomez – Last but not the least, we have Yuliana Gomez. She is one of the strongest, one of the gorgeous and one of the favourites for the title this year. A Business Management Human Resources student, Yuliana follows the rule that states- “Fashion can buy it but style you must own.” Well, it certainly shows in her sense of styling.