Miss Israel 2017 - Meet the contestants

29 Apr 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Israel beauty pageant is here with the 2017 edition and the contestants are ready to compete for the coveted title. Karin Alia and Yam Kaspers Ashel will crown their successors at the conclusion of the event. They both represented Israel at the prestigious Miss World 2016 & Miss Universe 2016. 16 finalists have been shortlisted to compete for the title this year. The stunning 16 finalists are:-

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Miss Israel 2017 - Meet the contestants


Noya Ariely

Lino Barel

Maya Kaganskiy

Noya Orly

Noy Bibi

Rotem Rabi

Stav Weissler

Tal Ben Haim

Yana Gross

Zehavet Simon

Adar Gandelsman

Bar Mor

Dana Solomon

Elinor Yazovitsky

Esty Diskind

Michal Elbaz

All the 16 candidates will compete for the dazzling crown of Miss Israel 2017. The winner will have the chance to compete at Miss World 2017 whereas the first runner-up will go to Miss Universe 2017. The Miss Israel Organization has handled Miss Universe and Miss World franchise since 1952, and has managed two International Grand Winners; Rina Messinger (Miss Israel 1976), Miss Universe 1976 and Linor Abargil (Miss Israel 1998), Miss World 1998.

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We would like to wish all the best to the leading ladies. Who do you think will win the coveted title this year? Let us know your views in the comment section below...