Karen Ibasco chosen as Outstanding Women Of The Year and Face Of The Year

08 May 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco is a lady in her own league. She is soon to pass over her crown and reign as Miss Philippines Earth 2017, at the coronation night of Miss Philippines Earth 2018. Later in the year, Karen will also be passing on her crown as Miss Earth 2017, to a deserving Earth queen.

However, Karen has made it a tough reign to follow. She has raised expectations and the next winner will have some big shoes to fill. Added to her accolades, are 2 news achievements. 5th May, 2018, Saturday was the awarding of Outstanding Men and Women of the Philippines 2018 at Promenade in Greenhills, San Juan City. This awarding was initiated by Mr. Richard D. Hiñola and his goal on mounting this event is to leave a legacy by helping people in any simplest ways.

Reigning Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco was one of the chosen Outstanding Women of the Philippines 2018 for not only representing the country and winning the title in an international pageant but also by doing her duties and responsibilities in protecting the nature and be an inspiration to everyone and she was also awarded as Face of the Year. And our Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry was also one of the awardees of Outstanding Women of the Philippines 2018.

Karen shared the news with her fans through her Instagram page. She wrote;

Being chosen as one of the outstanding women of the year and face of the year is truly an honor. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!

And congratulations to @kfforcrownandcountry headed by Tito @rodinb.flores for being awarded for its remarkable history along with Miss Earth ‘08 @karlapaulahenry!



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She has also recently shared a picture marking the year of the reef, working towards her responsibility as Miss Earth 2017. She wrote;

2018 is the international year of the reef. That is why I’m excited to announce that @missearth have collaborated with C.O.R.A.L. (Conservation of Ocean’s Resources and Aquatic Life) to help rehabilitate the seas as we plant corals in the waters. Coral propagation is very much needed nowadays since the ocean is one of the biggest victim of climate change.

The death of corals is evident in the waters due to the ocean acidification and increase in water temperature. These affect the habitat of marine lives which is used for spawning and feeding for their survival.

We started this project in none other than Sta. Cruz, Marinduque which is the heart of the Philippines. The Philippines is very rich in natural resources and at the same time it is the center of the center in global marine biodiversity! It’s such an honor for me to participate in this project which is the first in Miss Earth. It’s my heart to share this with everyone! May our eyes be opened to the needs of our Earth and take a step in helping rehabilitate the damages made.



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