Our favourites from Preliminary Interview of Miss Universe Philippines 2020

22 Oct 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Miss Universe Philippines will host the grand finale of Miss Universe Philippines 2020 on 25th October 2020 at Cordillera Convention Hall, Baguio Country Club, Baguio which will be aired on GMA Network at 10:30 AM. The stunning beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and an opportunity to represent the Philippines in Miss Universe 2020. Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados of Talisay, Cebu will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

The preliminary events have officially started and all the divas have been performing their best to mark their standing strong at the competition. Preliminary Interview round of the delegates was hosted by the organization on 18th October 2020 where the divas were asked some questions and they answered very beautifully with utmost honesty. We’ve selected some of the delegates who we think out did themselves and proved to be great orators at the competition. Let’s look at the delegates:

Alaiza Malinao

Alaiza Malinao representing the Davao City at the competition wore a beautiful burgundy suit and answered her question very confidently and was able to impress the judges and the pageant fanatics too. She started by giving a brief introduction about herself and mentioned that she believes that she can achieve whatever she sets her eye on to.  She was asked, " What one learning experience that you had as a child made much impact on you?" To which Alazia answered that when she works at her grandfather’s farm, she realized that when you’re hard working and you have an initiative, you can get whatever in your life that you aim for. She was also asked, ‘What one major lesson did you learn through your experiences during the pandemic?’ Alazia kept her confidence and smile to answer the question; ‘Food is very difficult to get from the farm to the table and that was a life changing experience. I had a privilege to volunteer and learned so many things and now I respect the farmers more than I use to.’ She added that she hopes she could teach everyone the value of the food on their table. The diva was finally asked ‘What is that one thing young people should focus on?’, to which she answered, themselves. Alaiza explained that young people should always know who you are and where are you going and added that ‘I know I am a farmer and wherever I go, I’ll always go back to the farm.’ What stood out the most in the interview was her cute little suitcase purse that she held onto throughout the interview and looked so comfortable with her performance.

Kimberly Hakenson

Kimberly Hakenson representing Cavite at the competition impressed everyone with her confident and stunning performance at the interview. She started by giving a brief information about herself and during her introduction she came out as bisexual and proud which impressed everyone present in the room. She was asked, " What one learning experience that you had as a child made much impact on you?" To which Kimberly answered that it’s about forgiveness. She explained that she believes in forgiveness and not keeping grudges because if one keeps grudges, it impacts them more other than the one who they are mad about. Billie stated that this must start from a very young age because you must bring it with you for a successful life and share it with everyone. She was also asked, “What colour symbolises the phenomenal woman?” to which the diva stated that ‘chartreuse’ and then ‘Green Nalang’ which she explained is a very hard colour to pull off but with the right confidence she can pull it off. She was also asked ‘If you win Miss Universe Philippines, how will you help in your community?’. Kimberly stated that if it’s in Cavite then she has been a part of various organizations in the community and was very honest about the fact that she has been supporting her family for the past four years which is why she has not been able to devotee much of her time but would love to help the community grow through the Miss Universe Philippines platform. She was very confident and persuasive while answering the questions and has emerged as one of the strong contenders for the title.

Apriel Smith

April Smith representing Cebu Province at the competition looked absolute stunning in her modern-day navy-blue pant suit with her curly hair on show. She started by giving a brief introduction about her in which she mentioned that she has a transgender sister who introduced her to modelling and she is very grateful for that. The diva was asked, ‘What is one beautiful word in your local language and what does it mean?’ Apriel answered, ‘Guapa’. She was later asked about one learning experience as a child that has made an impact on her, she answered with so much grace that the only man she loved passed away and that is her father, that’s when she realised that one has to value time with family, and friends and try to cherish every moment with them. Apriel with a teary eyed also shared during the interview that she was bullied while growing up and never thought that she will be able to compete in a beauty pageant. The diva was inspired by Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopez and just like her wants to be an inspiration to the young girls who look up to her and break the stereotypes of joining beauty pageants.

Pauline Amelinckx

Pauline Amelinckx is representing Bohol at the competition and looked stunning and confident while answering the questions. She started by giving a brief introduction and was asked what has she learnt during the pandemic. Pauline answered that one thing that she has learnt is how interconnected everything really is from animal world to human world from communities to inter-province. She added that this reminds her of the fact that we all play a part in fighting this pandemic and we can all rise together. She was asked, “What is one thing young people like you should focus on?” to which she answered, “At the moment is really staying strong and continuing their dreams of educating themselves even during this pandemic times. We all are having a hard time but it doesn’t mean that our dreams, our passions are cancelled. They are just on hold and I think they only have to hope in their hearts to continue what their dreaming on and somehow make them come true.”


Our favourites from Preliminary Interview of Miss Universe Philippines 2020


Sigrid Grace Flores

Sigrid Grace Flores is representing Catanduanes at the competition and looked very elegant at the interview round in her white pant suit. She was very confident while introducing herself to the judges and answering their questions that followed. She was asked, “What is the most important lesson you have learned during the pandemic?” to which she explains that she learned was empathy. She explained that she believes that humans are generally compassionate and this experience has been an eye-opener as we need each other to see each other through. She also added that it took a pandemic to realise that we can come together as a whole to fight it and if we are together, we can fight anything.

Tracy Maureen Perez

Tracy Maureen Perez is representing Cebu City at the competition and was very confident and strong with her answers and performance. She was asked, “What is the one thing that young people like you should focus on?” Tracy replied with, “Young people should focus on finding their true self, finding their purpose with age of social media; we tend to get lost and copy a lot of people that we forget who we truly are, what we stand for and what we deserve. We deserve so much more and if we just look into ourselves, focus on our core values and just stick to that then, we will be able to reach our full potential and be the best person we can be.” She was also asked, “What one major lesion did you learn during the pandemic?” to which she stated, that aside from taking care of the health, taking care of the fact that we must have a safety net is one thing she learnt. She added, ‘Financial Stability’ is something we should focus and learn from the pandemic.

Skelly Ivy Florida

Skelly Ivy Florida is representing Biliran at the competition and looked beautiful in her pink dress. She started by introducing herself confidently and mentioned that her mother is her inspiration who raised her as a single mother and looking at her makes her feel confident and powerful. She was asked, “What is one beautiful word in your local language and what does it mean?’ to which she answered ‘Guapa’ and explained that it means beautiful and it gives confidence to the people in the country.  She looked very beautiful and confident at the competition and has emerged as one of the strongest contenders at the competition.

We’am Ronquillo Ahmed

We'am Ronquillo Ahmed is representing Davao Del Norte at the competition and looks beautiful with her smile and confidence. She introduced herself in a very strong and sweet way. She was asked, “What is one local brand she would like to promote?” She showed her outfit and explained she is wearing one from her province; she added that it is a fabric made from banana fibre. Her interview was quick, sharp and on point which showed that she was very assured with the answers she was giving. Her personality is unique and beautiful making her one of the favourites for the title.


Preliminary Interview Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Favourites Top 8