Puteri Indonesia 2020 delegate Jihane Almira to star as ‘Blair Waldorf’ in Gossip Girl Indonesia

13 Feb 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Kalyana Shira Films and GoPlay have adapted the popular drama series from United States, Warner Bros. ‘Gossip Girl’ in Indonesia. Besides Indonesia, several other countries that have adapted Gossip Girl include Turkey (Kucuk Sirlar or Little Secrets, 2012), China (China Girl, 2012), Mexico (Gossip Girl: Acapulco, 2013), and Thailand (Gossip Girl: Thailand, 2015). Puteri Indonesia Jawa Tengah 2020 Jihane Almira Chedid who is a well-known face in the world of beauty pageant and television; after she played Melly in the ‘Love Blind’ soap opera produced by SCTV in 2019, has been roped to play Blair Waldorf or Blair Hadiningrat.

Indonesian version of Gossip Girl is headed by Nia Dinata as a showrunner, director and writer. Nia also involved Lucky Suwandi, Andri Cung, and Aria Pritanegara as the director. As writers there are Melissa Karim, also Lucky Kuswandi and Andri Cung. Ayushita fills the voice over role in Gossip Girl Indonesia. Gossip Girl Indonesia airs only on GoPlay starting February 14, 2020. The latest episode of this series will be uploaded every Friday to the ninth episode.



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Jihane was selected by the production house Kalyana Shira Films and GoPlay as they fekt that the diva had the exact body language and face to match Leighton Meester who originally played the character of Blair Waldorf.  Blair is a very close friend of the main character Serena Wanderwoodsan or Serena Darsono played by Amanda Rawles. The two-share love-hate relationship in the beginning and eventually find ways to mend their friendship back in no time.

Jihane Almira is 19-years-old and stands 176cm tall. She hails from the city of Semarang, Jawa Tengah and is a popular sitcom actress and a model of Indonesia.  She is home schooled. This Semarang-based artist is often nicknamed Kylie Jenner Indonesia as she looks just like her. The diva started her career when she was featured on the cover of Aneka magazine at the age of 11. She was chosen as a finalist for Cover Girl 2014.   A year later, Jihane Almira's performance attracted attention, so she entered the Top 15 Guess Girl Search South East Asia and the Top 10 Nylon Face Off 2016. Moreover, now she chose to move to Jakarta some time ago from Semarang.

The organization who manages Jihane Almira had prepped her up for the role of Blair who belongs to the elite society. Jihane had to work on her body language, speech and postures for the role of Blair. The diva had always dreamt of being in the spotlight and with landing with such a prestigious role, Jihane will be able to achieve her dreams.



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Jihane Almira will also be representing the province of Jawa Tengah at Puteri Indonesia 2020. She is considered as one of the strongest contestants for the title as she has experience and knowledge about the beauty pageants and fashion. She is very confident and determined to win the title of Puteri Indonesia after which she can represent Indonesia at international levels. She is working on her public speaking and on-stage walk for the competition that she is confident she can win.

For Jihane, the role of Blair and the platform of Puteri Indonesia 2020 is an opportunity to empower the young women who have been body shamed or demeaned in any way. She wants to ask them to stop listening to what other people say and start believing in oneself. For her, “To be a complete woman, in my opinion we have to face every condition and situation”.