Puteri Indonesia 2020 Meet the Contestants

07 Feb 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Puteri Indonesia 2020, the 24th edition of Puteri Indonesia, is all set to host its coronation night on 6th March 2020 at Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia where the representatives to Miss Universe 2020, Miss International 2020 and Miss Supranational 2020 will be crowned. Frederika Alexis Cull Puteri Indonesia 2019 will crown her successor at the end of the event finale. Along with her, Jolene Marie Rotinsulu Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2019 and Jesica Fitriana Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2019 will also crown their successors.


Puteri Indonesia 2020 Meet the Contestants


Thirty-nine delegates will compete for the national crown as regional crowning are done and dusted with. This year’s batch boasts of stunning and talented beauties who will surely be a strong competition to each other. So, without further ado, here are the stunning ladies competing for Puteri Indonesia 2020 –


Afra Widi Wardani representing Aceh

Maria Meghna Sharma representing North Sumatra        

Louise Kalista Iskandar representing West Sumatra

Devi Maharani Kosa representing Riau

Adesti Apriani representing Riau Islands

Veronika Tri Mardani representing Jambi             

Widya Ayu Pratami representing South Sumatra

Monica Sarah Wongkar representing Bangka Belitung Islands

Belinda Pritasari Jacobsen representing Bengkulu

Irene Theodora representing Lampung


Stephanie Cecillia Munthe representing Jakarta Jakarta SCR 1

Ayu Afni Dwisamudra representing Jakarta Jakarta SCR 2              

Dinda Amalianingsih representing Jakarta Jakarta SCR 3

Ermaly Arminah Erwinputri representing Jakarta Jakarta SCR 4

Hillary Masrin representing Jakarta Jakarta SCR 5

Gabriella Devita Febiola representing Jakarta Jakarta SCR 6


Ratu Lucky Nitibaskara representing Banten

Jeanatasia Kurniasari Soebagio representing West Java

Jihane Almira Chedid representing Central Java

Ervina Nathasia representing SR Yogyakarta

Raden Roro Ayu Maulida Putri representing East Java


Putu Ayu Saraswati representing Bali

Shalsabila Lestari Putri Suteja representing West Nusa Tenggara

Angel Virginia Boelan representing East Nusa Tenggara


Olivia Putri Leanartha representing West Kalimantan

Amelia Nurmawati Edmil representing Central Kalimantan            

Ayu Putri Saraswati representing South Kalimantan

Dianissa Scheherazade Rachman representing East Kalimantan

Rachel Eleeza Coloay representing North Kalimantan


Karina Pricilla Widjaja representing South Sulawesi

Euodia Oktavia representing West Sulawesi

Rieski Dwi Oktaviana representing Southeast Sulawesi

Fernanda Ciandra representing Central Sulawesi

Desiree Magdalena Roring representing North Sulawesi

Rofiah Noor Amalia Katili representing Gorontalo


Yoan Clara Teken representing Maluku   

Kathy Monica Kabe representing North Maluku

Hivanly Salawane representing West Papua

Hermin Rachel Makanuay representing Papua

Last year, Frederika Alexis Cull Puteri Indonesia 2019 represented her country in Miss Universe 2019 as she placed in the Top 10. Jolene Marie Rotinsulu represented her country at Miss International 2019 and placed in the Top 8 with her stunning performance. Jesica Fitriana represented her country at Miss Supranational 2019 and was adjudged the second runner-up at the finale. All in all, it was a good year for the Puteri Indonesia 2019 winners.