Meet Rashi Yadav Contestant Miss Diva 2015

14 Oct 2015 | Angelopedia

Meet Rashi Yadav Contestant Miss Diva 2015


Rashi Yadav is a native of New Delhi and has completed her graduation in chemistry honors from Delhi University. She is a dancer by hobby and a model by profession.

She portrays herself as a very calm and composed person, and really likes travelling, reading and watching news debates.

Rashi is a very strong and practical women in life who has a great belief in ‘Karma’. Her parents are her biggest blessings and motivation. She works really hard each and every day to make her parents and everyone feel proud of her one day. Bringing smile to her parent’s face, gives her high.

Her positive attitude and good-looking personality will make anyone take notice of her in one glance. She has a charming smile which compliments her facial expressions to the hilt. The three qualities which she admires in a man are well-spoken, a generous listener and possession of strong work ethics.

She aspires to be a top model of the world and says, ‘with my perfect height, body and attitude, It will definitely help me accomplish my dreams.

Her favorite quote is, “What defines us is how well we rise after we fall”.

Miss Diva is a platform for her which will help her attain the goal of her life and live the life which she has always dreamt of.

Delhi girl, Rashi Yadav is all set to bag the coveted title of Miss Diva 2015. What do you have to say about this gorgeous lady? Will she make it to the title of Miss Diva 2015??