Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 Winwyn Marquez secures the top position at marine reservist training

25 Nov 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Teresita Ssen Winwyn Marquez who represented the Philippines at Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 held on 4 November 2017 at Santa Cruz, Bolivia and was crowned as the winner at the end of the event finale had signed up for a basic citizen’s military training post her reign and now has finished at the top of her class for the marine reservist training she took under the Philippine Naval Reserve Command.

Winwyn took to her social media to share the news, she mentioned, “I am honoured to be one of the small number of women, to join this training as it matches with my passion to encourage and empower our Filipino women.  The training was no easy feat as I was expected to experience hardship just like everyone with no special treatment or privileges. I was seen not as 'Winwyn the actress and beauty queen’ but as Cadet Marquez - a fellow Filipina and sister to my batch mates.”

The diva hopes that by sharing her story she would able to inspire the Filipinos, "to not be afraid of their weaknesses and to pursue their passions in life." She shared that the training was not easy but with her courage and determination towards the goal, she was able to finish her course. She was very particular to mention that she is not trying to impress anyone but only trying to make an impact just the way she always aspired to do.



She ended her social media post with, “Congratulations BCMC & MOT 2020! Always remember to put your heart, mind, and soul even in the smallest acts. This is just the beginning of our journey towards our goal.”

 Aside from being the top cadet in her batch, the diva was named at the top during the physical fitness for women. She also served as class president during the military training. The beauty queen Marquez is the daughter of screen veterans Joey Marquez and Alma Moreno Teresita’s decision to take military training was inspired by actor Rocco Nacino, whom she thanked via a social media post stating, “Thank you actor Rocco Nacino for opening my eyes to this and thank you to our Naval Reserve Command Chief Brigadier General Ariel R. Caculitan for the inspiring stories and words you told us earlier.”

Winwyn is an avid advocate of education and has a Community Engagement Program that goes to different mission areas and public schools. With her entering military training as a reservist she hopes that she can inspire the young generation of the Philippines to take measures and responsibilities.