Isabella Bermúdez of Colombia crowned Reinado Internacional del Café 2023

09 Jan 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

Reinado Internacional del Café 2023, the 51st edition of the pageant, was held on 7th January 2023 during the Manizales Fair held in the city of Manizales, Colombia where Isabella Bermúdez of Colombia was crowned the new queen. Ismelys Velásquez of Venezuela crowned her as the successor at the end of the event finale.

“My authenticity and being myself led me to win the crown, and my humility and perseverance. I would like to start creating associations so that women and youth can benefit from this work that they do. The National Federation of Coffee Growers is here for all of you”, Isabella quoted.



The newly crowned Reinado Internacional del Café 2023 Isabella Bermúdez’s court included –

Viceroy - Maricris Rodriguez representing Costa Rica

First Runner-Up - Cassandre Jacques representing Haiti

Second Runner-Up – Ashley Diaz representing Panama

Third Runner Up – Sofia Ferraris representing Italy


Isabella Bermúdez of Colombia crowned Reinado Internacional del Café 2023


The candidates came from 25 countries enjoyed the area's landscape for a week, visited the Los Nevados National Natural Park, participated in the parades and learned about the coffee process. Isabella will now have the task of promoting this product throughout the world. She will also support the campaigns that are carried out in favor of maintaining good working conditions for those who produce it so that they do not leave the field.

Congratulations to the new queen!