Reinado de El Salvador 2021 Meet the Contestants

29 Jun 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Reinado de El Salvador is all set to host the 2021 edition as the organization has recently chosen and announced seven stunning names who will be competing for the national crown and the opportunity to represent El Salvador at Miss Universe 2021.

The presentation ceremony of the official delegates was attended by some of the reigning as well as former beauty queens including, Tiffany Katota Queen Hispano-American El Salvador 2021, Levi Toney Miss Intercontinental El Salvador 2021.

This year’s batch boasts of phenomenal ladies who will give a strong competition to each other with utmost sincerity and dedication towards the coveted crown. So, without any further ado, here are the seven official candidates competing for Reinado de El Salvador 2021 –

Alejandra Gavidia (Age: 25 years)

Fabiola Samayoa (Age: 22 years)

Ingrid Chávez (Age: 26 years)

Fatima Calderón (Age: 22 years)

Gabriela Colindres (Age: 26 years)

Nicole Álvarez (Age: 27 years)

Krissia Zelaya (Age: 26 years)



David Arias Mister World El Salvador 2016 and Gabriela Acevedo Nuestra Latinoamericana Universal El Salvador 2021 were the presenters at the gala for the presentation. The reigning queens Miss Intercontinental El Salvador 2020 is Levi Toney and Queen Hispano-American El Salvador 2021 Tiffany Katota will be representing El Salvador at Miss Intercontinental 2021 and Reina Hispanoamericana 2021, respectively, later this year.

The winner of Miss Universe El Salvador 2021 will succeed Vanessa Velásquez Miss Universe El Salvador 2020. Vanessa represented El Salvador at Miss Universe 2020 this year and was definitely one of the dark horses with an exceptional performance. Even though she couldn’t make it to the Top 21, she definitely made the country proud.