Reinas de Belleza del Paraguay 2019 Live Blog Full Results

06 Aug 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Reinas de Belleza del Paraguay 2019 is all set to host the finale on 7th August 2019 at Resort Yacht y Golf Club Paraguayo, where various delegates from around the country will compete in the pageant. Three beauties will receive the crown who will then go on to represent the country at various international pageants such as Miss World Paraguay 2019, Miss Universe Paraguay 2019, Miss International Paraguay 2019 and Miss Earth Paraguay 2019.

Check the live stream of the national pageant below –


Reinas de Belleza del Paraguay 2019 Live Blog Full Results


Below are the results of Reinas de Belleza del Paraguay 2019 (updated as and when announced) –

Miss Universe Paraguay 2019 –

Miss World Paraguay 2019 –

Miss International Paraguay 2019 –

Miss Earth Paraguay 2019 –

Top 10

Here are the contestants competing at the national contest - Miss Universo Asunción 2019 Jazmín Saucedo, Miss Universo Canindeyu 2019 Anita Cabral, Miss Universo Amambay 2019 Luana Ferreira, Miss Universo Guaira 2019 Camila Herrero Friedmann, Miss Universo Central 2019 Elida Lezcano, Miss Universo Horqueta 2019 Juany Ortega, Miss Universo Itapua 2019 Rita Fraulob, Miss Universo Alto Paraná 2019 Ketlin Lottermann, Miss Universo Concepción 2019 Neida Monserrath Noguera G, Miss Universo San Pedro 2019 Cayetana Ayala Quiñónez, Miss Mundo Asunción 2019 Araceli Bobadilla, Miss Mundo Alto Paraná 2019 Jociani Daisy Repossi, Miss Mundo Cordillera 2019 Gracia Presentado, Miss Mundo Canindeyu 2019 Deici_Ledezma, Miss Mundo Itapua 2019 Romina Godoy and Miss Mundo Concepcion 2019 Clari.