Rewati Chetri, Fans Favourite, Won Hearts But Not The Crown

31 Mar 2015 | Angelopedia

PEOPLE made this small town girl Miss India 2015 Top 10 finalist with two public mandated subtitles, Thank you so much. I will cherish as long as I live.”- Rewati Chetri

The delicate and docile northeastern beauty from Haflong, Assam representing the entire North-East India, made it to the Top 10 finalists of Miss India 2015, along with two subtitles – Miss Popular and Miss Multimedia. After Himakshi Agarwal and Jantee Hazarika, Rewati became the third girl from Assam to have made it to the finals of the desirable fashion and beauty icon show.

The anxiety and curiosity level mystified among millions of fans on the eve of March 28’ 2015 as the Femina Miss India 2015 lauched its “Grand Finale”. The Femina Miss India 2015 finale was a star studded affair as several actors from the film fraternity brightened the ambiance with their presence. Among all the lovely contestants who made it to the Top 10 finalists, Rewati Chetri was the most esteemed and admired by the audiences. The spectators and fans, all expected that this time an aspirant from North East India will embark a title for herself and become one of the Top 3 winners at Miss India 2015.

But after the Q&A session, the north eastern beauty had to make way for other five finalists in grand finale. The Internet generated report showed that Rewati Chetri is the most followed, shared, downloaded and talked Miss India finalist and her Facebook engagement was twice her nearest contestant. It was because of such supreme popularity that Rewati was anticipated by fans and beauty pageant experts to make it to the notch of Top 3. She has that fresh appeal and unique charm to her beauty that could have done wonders for India had she been sent to the Miss Grand International 2015 pageant. Rewati’s presence in the Femina Miss India 2015 was emerging as a ray of hope for fans to prevail a crown at the Grand Slam international pageant for India.


Rewati Chetri Femina Miss India 2015 Top 10 finalist


Rewati expressed her joy and gratitude towards her fans, after the pageant through her SNS profile and said, “I could not count my heartbeats but I could feel the numbers of heart beating for me. But it was not easy, it is not only about confidence, intelligence and beauty but also about courage and knowledge and over all personality. As advised by you all I celebrated being there, enjoyed every moment, gave my best and cheered for myself and made it to Top10 Finalist. I could feel seven sisters states and one brother Sikkim, the Darjeelings and Gorkha and North East populated cities and towns of India and rest of world support and prayers for me. Frankly speaking I am happy that I won billions hearts though I could not bring the crown home.

But the question still remains, even after making a nail biting entry into the Top 10 finalists, and evidently being the most popular contender at the pageant, why was there a sudden disappearnace of Rewati Chetri from the Top 5 finalists’ slot?? The Question might not be gulped down easily, also the answer might get a little too dense for many to digest… but the Question hushed silently, remains unanswered. I would rather leave it on fans and audiences to raise the question and voice the answer!!!

And at last, even though Rewati couldn’t make it to the crown, she managed to win the hearts of many with her charm and innocence.

This article is contributed to Angelopedia by Ms Ritusri Barua, who is an ardent pageant lover. Author can be contacted at ritusri.barua@mpowerbiz.com.